Undercover [up] of the Knight — Hey, Ho

Previously on “I bet you think this post is about you”…


“The race militia has got itchy fingers » C8D176D8-AF4C-47C3-8FE8-F75D2ED360D7 … For Full-credit, the student must show his/her WORK.

Hey, Kayleigh McEnany, the Scammer–in–Chief was warned, and Dr. BRIX knows it.

Eye got the fever

Eye got the fever .:. 11F200B7-CA3D-4E37-849D-8481D96D97D2 .:. And You’ve Got The FEVER — All Knight… She was the Young American(a), raised on provincias… off-course.

Issy, even before you came into the Scene, Kayleigh McEnany, August(o) was always on my mind, dicho de otra (putita) manera: DINA’ (and a movie) with you Were Always On My Mind… “Law and order!”, just like The Roger Stones twitted earlier tonight…


Hear the screams of Center 42
Loud enough to bust your brains out
The opposition’s tongue is cut in two
Keep off the street ’cause you’re in danger
One hundred thousand disparus
Lost in the jails in South America


Track 2

Deer, Brian Williams: please give our regards to Peter Baker, just in case he was cognitively D.A.R.E. (on the Paris Underground) on his way back from Biarritz.

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