Coming Up: A Brave New Nato… sans u.s.

Pages 64–65; 6 mai 2007.
Numéro 2000
Le Figaro Magazine

The platform

Context was supposed to follow, but then Kanye West and a “Mr. Knowels” from a place called New York City, would go ahead and flip the French suburbs with one Beat that even the great Ari Melber on the peacock network would not D.A.R.E. play on anygiven Fallback Friday; AT The TIME, the lukewarm Left from the Île–de–France would call that populist move a genius blow from a Frog called « Flamby », or something like that. .:. 88D021A5-B6A8-40A9-ADC6-5A87AE60067D …

L’Incarnation de Valérie Pécresse,
président de la région connu comme:
la bendita Île–de–France…
Page V, Politique; N° 23602
Le Parisien

Still to come: the show

Useless words, the BREAK•Down or, as Bean Town Morning Joe correspondent, Mike Barnicle calls, IT!: the deconstruction. _–\_!_/–_ Kayleigh McEnany | White Ho Use Press Secretary. Fair use of Donald John Trump’s Confederate Free Speech.

FLOTUS puts a magnet on a star awarded to her husband and sticks it to the Executive refrigerator door of at Trump Tower. The “attaboy” was awarded to president Trump by America’s Doctor (Anthony Fauci) on account of the occasion that Donald John Trump wore a face mask at Walter Reed Hospital.


KAYLEIGH!!! Kayleigh McEnany .:. 318E083F-2ABC-4A5D-B1F5-23355119B51F 🍑 You droped a Bomb on Mí, Kayleigh, you droped a bomb on Mí.

BREAKING THE NEWS: Nicole Wallace just relieved Ashley Parker from her post at the White House. Claire McCaskill is flabbergasted, and the “former” White House Correspondent Ashley Parker could not be reached for comment..

Over on the Historicity Channel, Nicole Wallace is thanking her Metropolitan stars that Walter Reed Hospital is not named after a secessionist military man, but if history was fair, Walter Reed would be named after a Cuban doctor. Elise Jordan knows what öüï is talking about.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Carlos_Finlay


Hoy no hubo Jazz. Kanye aborted that groove.

Las fuentes de Ysleta–en–France:
https ://www .leparisien .fr /politique /valerie-pecresse-pense-toujours-a-2022 -20-07-2020 -8355429 .php

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