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Is D.A.T. All there is?

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Still to come:

Jendri ri Palengue, o cómo dicen las Kumar-es–esas en Colombia: cierren las puertas señores, yo mesmo voy a’marrar.

https ://old .reddit .com /user /ManInTheNorthOf  /comments /e6mqb0 /mexican_batman_camazotz /

Gente de Palenque

First Look

First Look at history from the Sister Republic of Yucatán. Look, IT! up, it’s Twue.

… In Ex-pat news

The Future Tankers of America (F.T.A.) expeditionary club, and the Unknown Soldiers of The Lizard King all agree that all military bases in The South (named after Klu Klux Klan heros — not to bee confused with Kukulkán) should be renamed; the Distinguished Armor Technicians (or D.A.T.’s) of the F.T.A. could care less what The U.S. Congress re-names this bases to, it could be Fort Gumby for all they care.


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