Jesús Domínguez no ha muerto, se fue a Portland!

En contexto: corre y se va!

missing https://

Missing https://
Sin embargo, the description in this capsule of La Nota Nostra is in tune with this handsome sailor… Damn!!!
Apparently, Jesús Domínguez (his hulkiness, anyhow) found a vessel in @tazerface16

… here is the broken link to Quintana’s chronicle. It is broken at the dots. If you want to reach this article you must connect the dots:

http ://arrobajuarez .com/notas .php?IDNOTA=59294&IDSECCION=La%20Nota%20Nostra&IDREPORTERO=Ramón%20Quintana%20Woodstock

El Árbol

El Árbol — ¡LOTERÍA!!! Eye finally understands why “they” put PORTLAND before cement.

Full disclosure, the former USA buck sergeant writing this capsule seconds what @daminzy tweeted: Eye takes back every bad thing that he has said about the Navy; with regards to the Marines, the song remains the same: Marines lick balls.

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