And in Washington…

After a well deserved knee-deep detention for dropping the “S-bomb” on Lester Holt’s “the news for kids” Nicolle Wallace is back on the msnbc’s.

And while the pundit settled into her section of the desk, —tardy as usual— Brazilian president and Rhine rhune aficionado, Jair Bolsonaro, caught the COVID-19 after a Fourth of July outing with John Donald The First at his pretty little flower Garten. Sources close to Kayleigh McEnany say that the infection is a perfect opportunity to plug Hyroxychloroquine at every rally, y promocionar a “las barras y las estrellas”, apuntó.

At the Mexican Institute of Social Security (MISS) the Mexican president boasted during a re-staging of his COVID-19 test that his official MISS health certificate of approval shows nothing but Negatives and he won’t be needing no Chloroquine ni–que La Chingada because he’s got a Detente on his chest.

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