Well, you’ve heard about the best Mayor in the Whole Wide World

… It’s not one of Those, period

Causas y azares

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Meet Mayor Lyda Krewson, doxxing extraordinaire  and red meat dispenser for the “white wattage” circuitry board in the Missouri’s of them Ozarks.

Over in WaWa Land, meteorologists Bill Karens has been body–snatched by The Webb! Meanwhile in Brussels, Angela is about to take over the European Union; no word on how Germany will react to the Russian bounties on Coalition Forces in Afghanistan since the Brits and the Yanks want to go at, IT!, alone. At Frog central, the concern by the hospitality industry and the dis’n’DAT chingaderas shops is at an all time high due to an imminent shut-down of certain U.S. Arrivals to Disneyland Paris, on the streets of ol’Paname however, the local crowds could care less for the lack of tourists on their streets.

Remember now

Remember now, mr. caddy–stripe, while you were shouting “white power” in Florida, your working-class hero, Donald John Trump, had just smeared the 82nd Screaming Eagle unit patch through ignominy during the Attorney General’s clearing order for Lafayette Park. RIGHT NOW, mr. “white power” yeller, you have to decide how your movement of supremacy is going to reconcile the intel reports that show’s Vladimir Putin paying bounties for the deaths of soldiers from the 82nd Airborne, you know, the same soldiers that the 45th President of the united states TREATS like plastic toy soldiers in his “battle sandbox”.

In Florida news, Willie Geist is in shock! “The Humanity”, the Reverend Al Sharpton heard him say. The reason? Eight seconds into the Florida Villages golf cart incident it became obvious that the “white wattage” fist-in-the-air retiree is sporting an Empire “pinstripe” on that D.A.R.E. amusement park ride, proving once again, that the New York Yankees can outshine the stinky Boston Red Socks at being despicable, which is why the Brooklyn Dodgers had to look West for better opportunities to be despicable in a new town. In case you follow baseball, the MLS is cancelled this year because of salary issues, not because of the pandemic that is going on right now.

Digression from This morning in CET, Tonight.

Any güey, John Oliver, have a nice Independence Day holiday mattress shopping spree, but SIR! Do you really need the additional two-weeks off? Eye mean, sure, John Oliver, öüï all understand that you are the answer to Rich Hall at the BBC, but two weeks to purchase mattresses? WTF, John Oliver! Just how big is that American Castle that AT&T is paying for you on HoBO TV, eh, but most importantly, SIR! What in the “wide world of sports” are you doing to those poor mattresses during the year? Landing helicopters on’em, Mister Oliver, are öüï, now?

Every eon or two

Issy, Johnny Mattress sale, it happens Evry once in an eon or République, or Empire.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki/Rich_Hall

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