Ahhhh, Purple Pundit, now you’ve done, IT!

Deer, Nicole Wallace, we regret to inform you that it’s TWUE! A spoiled apple rottens the bunch… or something like that. Did you hear what Putin’s apologist just did to Kier Simmons virgin ears‽ That’s bullshit, pundit. Bullshit and a soup sandwich to go, To Go, pundit. To go.

On the other side:

Hear Mí Out, Figluzzi… hold the line, you have to factor in the international incident that “la wallace” has gotten poor president Trump into, —with the F.C.C.!

Indeed, adding to the responsibilities already on the U.S. Attorney’s dockets, his excellency, William Barr has to provide counsel for the Russian Communications Propagandist after he (Dimitry Peskov) followed suit and dropped cow manure on American Red Blooded tele-web-broad uploaded-casts.

“It’s outrageous, if anyone is to burn for this, it should be that « purple pundit » on the Deadlines of msnbc,” said the attorney of Donald John Trump.

After delivering his trademark I–pooped–my–diaper smirk and puppy-eyes, Donald Trump’s personal attorney assured The Nation that, “if our Russian Communications ally had not listened to Ms. Wallace potty mouth last Thursday night while interviewing John Bolton, our client would not have dropped manure on the NBC Exclusive mics”.

Las Cruces del Curios

Las Cruces del Curios .:. 9DC8C796-6E14-4B23-8E57-794D88DBEA46 .:.

“I thought that bullshit, in America —like in Mother Russia— was the norm,” said a rather laid-back Kremlin Communications agent.

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