Coming up on C.O.P.S. — a new format, directed by Judd Apatow

Live from Atlanta, Georgia, if you thought that Live P.D. and the long running C.O.P.S. were off the air, you probably haven’t been keeping up with Avi Velashi on the MSNBC’s.

At The Drive Thru

At The Drive Thru .::. 3FA00902-81B3-4DC7-9BB0-5FBC615F393A 🗣 Ladies in Gemini, please be advised that the following DATELINE episodes* below this frame have been scratched from the MSNBC’s after hours programing in Lieu of —Richard Lui— covering of the news out of Atlanta, Georgia.

* Scratched Dateline Episodes:
02h —. A Crack In Everything
03h —. Broken Bonds
04h —. The Night of The New Moon
05h —. Betrayal of Trust

It’s rollin’ coverage of police interactions ‘all they, and all of the knight’. Anyway, Rachel Maddow, please be advised that we [the staff] remain committed to watching your show as long as The Peacock lets you, madam, keep rolling, IT! As for the Seth Meyers Show, let’s just say that as soon as Lorde Lorne returns that gig to the Comcast Building we’ll be out of his pretty-looking hair doo.

Oh, Reddit

Oh, Reddit, you rascal… sometimes you are better —much better— than the Time Machine… Dear, Lorde Lorne, does anybody remember Steve Forbe$$$$$?

Notwithstanding, don’t you go forgetting that in the absence of “Bulls on Parade”, —on account D.A.T. “Nothing Compares to You”— Rachel Maddow, that we here at Asegovia3 made of, IT!, a point to jumble up and select bits and pieces of memorabilia (mostly from reddit . com) for the beautiful MARISA TOMEI, so that she can go ahead and shove’em down Joe Pesci’s throat… and if you are a fan of SNL, then you know what öüï is talking about.

for the record

For the record, “Shock Therapy” is manufacturing consent in Reel Time .::. C7CB1008-4B27-4B94-B0C3-0911B71C4575 🔫 Octubre tenía que ser.

But just in case you happen to be on the same wave of the Spin Doctors, —Tim Robbins— like the Democratic Chairman of the donkey party in 2020, please be advised that as the Race Relations riots don’t seem to slow for the foreseeable future, please DO relay to Adrianne Elrod and her El Paso team, that as your campaign most certainly stays away from reading this most non–consequential blog, the trumpians up North in the Wolverine state are already burning MAIL-IN voting applications, a move that is taken straight out of Latin American elections, not to mention the dick move that Trump just made against Women who could care-less if their Biological reproduction clock stops ticking, a move taken straight out of ultra-conservative circles W.H.O. tend to support fascism… but keep on politicking with the Young generation, would you, Mr. Tom Perez, Sir… like u.s. [the Judd Apatow* generation] to move to another planet? —FRANCE is out of the question! And Europe, well Europe is “Falling to pieces”, not that öüï don’t have any Faith No More, patience on the other hand is hanging on a shoestring.

* On account that Mr. Apatow claimed the Mudhoney generation after the demise of the Green River killer… or something like that.

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