Gooooood Morning, Paris.

This is a Public Service Announcement:

Dedicated to Stephanie Menou

Dedicated to Stephanie Menou à la préfecture de Paris y para todos sus Colaboradores del gobierno de México en Francia (punto y coma, con Manuel Valls) No Es Lo Mismo – Pero si, Sí es igual.

From the outside looking in.

Ladies in Gemini, this is Sirous, because this is CONTRAST for Last Week to They… courtesy of “All The News That Fit To…”, resign.

https:// www .bbc .com /news /world-us-canada- 52959856 New York Times opinion editor resigns amid article row

Coincidence Vase

Plotting coincidences and other assorted Online Hook-up’s… Now, Eye don’t want to say that this here move by the Trump administration was a political move; let it be known that Florence Cassez will be the first to acknowledge that a Free Get Out of Jail Card, is always a welcomed move, especially when it is thrown from the highest places on Earth. Now, Susan del Percio, Eye is not saying that the two Diplomatic exchange negotiations are the same, the “goods” in exchange for a researcher, and those thrown for the benefit of A Military Dog, Pony, and Mexican brown eagle parade  during Bastille Day are in different leagues. Let Mí, break-it down to you Madeleine Peyroux, after the 15 hundred hour Ruhle screen-shot of The MSNBC’s… it’s symbolic, —of Course.

Starring, Buh-Weet Murphy, singing his number one honky-tonk crossover hit: Wookin’ Pa Nub in Aww Da Wan Places.

https:// www. fip. fr/emissions/club-jazzafip/specialemadeleinepeyroux-8004

End Eye Wan

🎶 End Eye Wan, Eye Wan So Fah Ague —_!_— Fair use of media for the parody of current events which illustrate political intentions in times of General Elections. This screen-grab is sponsored by MUTUAL LIFE… “because you could die tomorrow”.

Lorem Ipsum text follows…

15h in CET

Amarillo no me pongo

Amarillo no me pongo — Amarillo es mi color, period


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