Weekend Update — plotting the context

Hola, Alicia! Please relay to Rachel to please not shoot at the black mirror, because öüï happen to know that when the Primetime Pundit is not angling, she is most definitely packing.

Listen up, Killa Mike

Listen up, Killa Mike .::. 9200D48A-0D77-4758-A269-46D19758C22C ⚱️I’m gonna need you to make a lateral pass to Leslie Jones (punto y coma) because the next down is on her.


… and D.A.R.E. you have it Jacob! Want Mí to draw you a picture of D.A.T. D.A.R.E. car protest? Eye promise to not tell Professor John Mill Ackerman, that motherfucker is against “the cars”. (For those out of the loop, you had to catch that interaction in Real Time… I Love L.A.).

Any güey, Alicia, last week on the Seth Meyers Show, Leslie Jones brought the heat to Mr. Meyers’ culo, I particularly liked what she said about getting out to vote, pero mas chingón todavía, her call to engage after the vote, which in Praxedis, Chihuahua, translates into “getting to know your System,” or something like that.

https ://www .elmundo .es /america /2011/03/04 /mexico /1299252256.html… Lamujer más valiente de Méxicodeja la Policía y pide asilo en EEUU

Now, Alicia, Joshua Johnson will probably accuse me of being cynical about it because here i am going to make a loop to the reason why i am writing this most non-consequential blog, which contrary to our non-readers belief, IT IS NOT MEANT TO MAKE a difference. It is meant, Alicia Menendez, to be a written draft of the aftermath of someone who knocked at many, many, many doors in order to tell what was happening with THE SYSTEM in real time.

Which is why the next time–delay screen-grab of one of the communicators who inspired me to follow this path like an idiot is funny to me, mostly because the climax of this particular segment came (no pun intended) when Rachel Maddow threw a tantrum on account of the people who hold a reddit account… or who might be sports educators, or something like that.

Check the transcript

Check the transcript .:. 7F45E18D-DEC2-4CC7-AAAD-337DBF36CF9A 🇺🇸 …
>> When other countries do this…
in other overseas –ummm, uhmm…
invasionsthat they don’t wanna call invasions, we call theselittle green men*”… that’s cute.

* Ummm, uhmmm… sweetheart, the only country that is notoriously famous for “doing this”, claims to  be a nation under God, with Liberty, and Justice for all.

… [A]nd, Oh my Lucky Stars, Nicolle Wallace got a tan and she’s got the mid-night hour shift in Central Nato Time (day 13th of the “I Can’t Breath” Spring Time affair). And there she is, all she needed was a little Sun, “send that pundit to detention” she  just used the the compound “S” word! Man, the peacocks are restless today, must be that 13th on the count.

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