Deer, Michael Steele, former RNC Chair… on DEADLINE

The following must be read in a Rosanne Rosanadana voice:

Monday, May 20th, 2020
Paris, France

Dear, Mr. Steele,

First of all, you are not fooling anyone, we have it on good authority that you, Sir, is behind all that Ruckus in “The Digital Underground”… ISSY, öüï also know that you “once got busy on a Burger King”, eh!

And D.A.T.’s o.k., so long as you didn’t get busy on the TaxPayer’s dime, so tell me (that’s a translated segue, Mr. Meyers!) Mr. Steele, how can an American HOMELESS ex–pat in Paris get to vote on the next General Election; as a Veteran of a Foreign War, at the DAWN OF A POSSIBLE CIVIL WAR, do we still count?


In Local News:

Anne Hidalgo is an environmentalist goddess.

Following the French version of the Corona lockdown and, while La Jornada and BFM’er TV had their sights locked on a motherfucking beauty salon, the Parisian Mayor went ahead and took back (for the sake of the Polar bears) a big stretch of the asphalt at la rue de Rivoli and assigned, IT!, to cyclists, leaving the three–lane traffic way to one line (assigned) for buses and POV’s*.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/05/19 /opinion /a04a1cul

The positive “EMINENT DOMAIN” of the road stretches from her place of work to the Place where de Front National patriarch usually gives his chauvinist speech before the May Day parade.


Coming Attractions:

Maya Rudolph (D-CA), auditions for the role of Wanda Sykes. Ms. Sykes is the front–runner on this most non–consequential blog for the role of Veep on the Biden Lane.

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