By the book… FM 21-20 (Squats)

So, Mr. Meyers, is that what the good people at the  Observation section of 30 Rock is calling “las sentadillas” now a days?

Exerciser or Resister?

Muscular Endurance and Strenght, PRE* .::. BA8D1E6E-28D7-40DD-9548-A85ED8257F83 ⚒🛠Exerciser.– POSITION: Stand erect with both feet pointed straight ahead…
Resistor.– POSITION: Stand directly behind the exerciser with the fleshy portion of your forearms resting squarely on your lover’son the exerciser’s shoulders.

* Partner Resistance Exercises

https ://www .marist .edu /documents /20182 /21440 /FM+21-20+Physical+Fitness+Training.pdf /1c370ef9-e663-40e8-8c0f-088501f03aae

“Whatever gets you thru the [segment] it’s alright. It’s alright.”

The Plastic Peacock Band

Any hows and any güeys, Mr. Meyers, don’t think D.A.T. the staff here didn’t catch your Steely Dan* reference while commenting on Doña Vilma Fuentes (folk) hero, for the record Mr. Meyer, your seductive podcaster friend (not the one Who Chews too loud while breaking wind… or something like that) with the fuck-mí robe on the screengrab above is well within his labia to refer to you as part of Lorde Lorne’s ‘royalty’; heck, Mr Meyer(s), D.A.R.E. is even an SNL sketch to complement that statement; it’s titled « Because I Am An American », and here’s another CLUE to y’all, it was complementary FLACK to the morning-after of our interaction with BUZZFEED at the Unesco and Willie Geist saying that LOKI is the god of mischief, but to call you “the King”, and for you to comment on the soreness of your muscles the afternoon after tells u.s. that you fell for the most annoying feller at the “Double Ewe” on Hollywood and Vine…

The Three Wise Men

The Three Wise Men… featuring Dan Aykroyd as “El Herodes*” —_•!•_— NOW PLAYING AT “Da Man’s” Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd… TROY BARNES is there to Usher you, ISSY! D.A.T. Nigga D.A.R.E is packing. So non-readers be warned.

Anyway, Seth… Eye am Chevy Chase, –and you are not!


Must show work section on DEADLINE:

For the record, öüï did warned y’all about them “ SunShine” units for North Korea, 24 hours before the NewsWeek’s told you about it, but then again, Eye has Rosanne Rosanadana on the Staff… Ana Anabitarte reports.

https ://www .newsweek .com/ north-korea-calls-it-irresponsible-countries-that-ignored-coronavirus-warnings-blame-who-1505228?piano_t=1

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