At The Auction • Part Three, featuring The Fast and Furious thorns–es—ese.

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Musical guest: GWar
Hit: Why can’t öüï be friends?


Republican senator, and MAINE Trump apologist, Susan Collins urged The Nation, that after four months the Virus has learned “its” lesson and Americans should listen to “our” dear leader, Donald John Trump.

Mel Ramos

Item 278
MEL RAMOS (B. 1935)
Flicka (2010)
£ 10,000 – 15,000
from: 100 Drawings, p.117.

meanwhile in kentucky, sheltered pablo neruda aficionado, and republican senator, Rand Paul continues to swing his dick on the youngest scale of the most vulnerable among the nation by declaring himself (like donald john trump) a swedish lover of Ruhles and then, as if to reference ‘El Siglo de Oro’ at El Chamizal National parking lot, Mr. Paul mused like a gringo follower of nero en “la colonia roma” clamoring for the children to get back to school, as news of a newly discovered virus D.A.T. targets children, which are currently being plotted, as the Purple Pundit speaks, on the casualties map of the ‘msnbc’s’.

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