A cowbell too far — Armisen Day

May 8, 1945
over these fuckers ⬇️

May 8, 2020 victory over meat processing plants  in the middle of T.H.E.M. united states LED by a White Nationalist supporter who commands the response of the biggest World Pandemic since the League of Nations was a “thing”.

His name is Donald Jair Trump Bolsonaro

And in Washington, as Berlin celebrates for the first time (since the burning of the nazi flag over Hitler’s suicide bunker) the end of WWII, the Attorney General of the United States of America is happy to make the case for the plot of The Men in The High Castle.

Not wasting any time in changing a young mind’s view of the facts, the Attorney General’s grandson began his homeschool Winners’ View of The World History sessions on the very EVE OF VE Day, the first lesson: how President Donald Trump saved the world from the Coronavirus with a single CLOROX® wipe.


HIStory pre-Kay,Kay,Kay .::. F918FDB2-F170-4B44-9C97-35708A07485E ⚖️ Well fuck! Metallica goes here… they have a templete for little Travis.

Meanwhile in the Real World, Nicolle Wallace’s pansies are risking frostbite as Hell is about to Freeze on account of a MAY DAY — MAY DAY Blizzard over Babylon 2. To find out what the code in this paragraph is all about, please refer to TIME Mag’s contributor, Elise Jordan’s bookshelf an read page 32 of “American Cipher”.

Over at Deadline, not to be outdone, some guy named Neal Katyal, showed Cousin Joe how to make a bookshelf seem large by having his personal “biblioteca” about 10 meters behind his webcam headshot. Oh the humanity, is the War of the Bookworms… happening now on msnbc’s LOCKDOWN, with Nicolle Wallace.

Pre–Kay, Kay, Kay Marketing

Pre–Kay, Kay, Kay Marketing, by Keyleigh McEnany .::. 53E21E52-0AC2-4EA4-843E-F151832A5743 🦠 It is not “lava level mad”, it’s: as cool as a lava lamp.

To counter, “Neal’s” book-block, The Producers at the Purple Pundit’s Hour shifted the focus to Axios TV Alexi Maccamond’s lovely repujado frame and “lavalamps” en sus muebles viejos… for the record, “muebles viejos” is a style of furniture that captures Old Mexico better than any “colonial antique” on a “fictitious Mexican politician mansion” ever could, especially on one of those AP “wire” reports about “La canción de protesta”.

You've done your part

You’ve done your part, Stephanie Ruhle… get back to “Napoleon Dynamite”, that’s something that Maria Bartiromo would never get caught doing; and that is all Eye is going to say.

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