Deer, Nicole Wallace, 🎶 Close your eyes And forget your name…

A.B. Stoddard looks like a mannequin wearing a face mask; Donald Trump, on the other hand looks like a fucking duck.

… and that is all Eye is going to say.”

—Nahhh! For the record, Eye will confess that öüï are going to shave our fucking beard off, now Evry body wants to have pelos on his chin…

Anyhow, A.B., Eye is not one to step on Ice-Cube’s drafting degree from the University of Phoenix, or something like D.A.T.! But your chimney is not “on the level” (punto y coma) now Eye is not an architect .:., heck Eye can’t even spell the motherfucking title, but, and it’s a pretty motherfucking LEVELED but, we [the staff] know a thing or two about how to lay a foundation… a good motherfucking Foundation and a few things about how wind (drafts) affect tilted chimeneys. 


So… Mr. Set(h), Eye sees that you brought in a “column” expert for the « little sloped doors » in your attic, and yet you, —of all peacocks— know D.A.T. 

a² + b² = see stoddard, eh!

a perfect triangle… or at least the hypotenuse for it!

so there is no excuse for that drummer of yours to not hit the COWBELL! Be advised that we will not stop pounding THE WAR BASS DRUM until that portlandia fellow strikes the cowbell… more cowbell, set(h). cowbell for freedom.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Dave_Lombardo

And wait for, IT! Wait… Zeppelin goes here ⬇️

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