On Missouri news… Sen. McCass is getting into the home Tortilla selling business.

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Former Senator from the Great State of Missohrrah, Claire McCass, got re-acquainted with an old “friend” and after a long conversation with herself decided to try a new hobbie, she flipped through her cooking manual and decided on Corn Tortillas. 

“And now… as Paul Harvey would say, you get a visual of “the rest of the story,” but FIRST, not to be outdone by the The State of Sinaloa, The Great State of Georgia is trying to Catch–up to what a gated-community self-appointed vigilante started in The Great State of Florida.

En “relevos” australianos

LUCHA vS. CHOLE… ahora en “relevos” australianos… desde Maracaibo (vía) Brasilia .::. 271A1BA3-3E29-4D30-A478-CEC3A5D50429 🎥 CUT!!! Excellent job, Justice Ginsburg (punto y coma) NOW, motherfuckers, W.H.O. da’FUCK FLUSHED “el toledo ²*” del supremo In The Justice’s residential john? Which one of you swinging robed-dicks FLUSHED THE john???

Reporting from The Motherfucking Twilight Zone: “El Coronel¹*

Yup! Kat Williams described the scene in Hip–hop realism and magical detail, and for those with Latin “i’s” to see they will be able to confirm that when you party with Mexicans, “the celebration goes on for Weeks!”


And as the Godfather of Soul found out, an 85th Birthday can be the perfect ICE Storm to celebrate Mothers Day on the West End side of The Atlantic on map.


Must show work section of the Test, “Beyond The Outer Limits”:

Up is Down

Up is Down… The West Wing episodes. .::. D6212F69-1637-4611-9CC3-98589088D05E 🗺⚖️


1* In this realm and in the next, as the Nobel Laureate Zimmermann would relate, on “the” CBS’eses, we [the staff] can split nomenclatures, and ALIAS–es like El General Villa did, por ejemplo Miss Santanico Pandemonium, for this sketch, el rol de “El Coronel” se lo ejecuta Fernando CianHEROtti / Fernando Luján. 

2* “toledo” is an “pochismo” at Beto’s playground in D.A.T. D.A.R.E. “West Texas Town of El Paso”, casi esquina with, “the badlands of New Mexico”, for what them BRITS call « the Loo », indeed. For the record, in this blog Lalo González “Piporro” is a fucking God, and Tin Tan, “El Supremo”, so, motherfuckers, before any “chihuahuita” activist gets all of his or her panties in a bunch, know that El Vez has cleared the Word “Pocho” for all of the new LatinX community.

Horax del milenio:

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