Cinco de May0 Intermission — Saint Ignatius el WaPote

Deer, David Ignatius:

Arizona Natives

Arizona Natives .::. 87FDAA7F-692D-428F-930F-378DA5608A13 🦠 Don’t become a P.R. moment for president Trump. Remember the “Small Pox Blankets!!!”

Sir, now ask Bernardo Gómez in the voice of Mike Lupica to narrate to you a tale of “vaqueros”… dijo Chavez y Chavez in the role of Ritchie Valen(zuela).


In no small measure, the CONSEQUENTIAL VICTIM of “the” Donald Trump’s Hydroxychloroquine “Public PharmaCo’s Advertisement” died in Arizona.

Laboratorios Camacho presenta:

Laboratorios Camacho presenta .::. AEDADEB8-C964-4D3F-8FDB-85FB0522F411 🔬

And just to SPIT ON PEOPLES faces, the President of The United States of America shows up in Phoenix, ARIZONA, on a 103° F —no less— without a wearing a face mask, his P.R. visit, a Face Mask Factory… might as well gone straight to Tombstone, —that, motherfucker. 🦠🎶 Four more Deaths • Four more Deaths • Four more Deaths,…

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