Cinc0 de May0 — Chrispy Cream Special

 P.S. in advance: Deer, Steve Kornacki, say hellooooooo to Agent Angle, ciao!

So, Mr. Meyer… you brought in back-up, eh? Eye cannot compete with That! Especially with a Brit who appreciates HUGE rooms, with echo no less, and a bottle of vino. Shit, Mr. Meyer, you leave Mí no choice but to fuck with New Jersey; not with the current Governor, man… nope, but with the previous Heavy set.

Tell u.s. Mr. Meyer, why? Why is it that it’s always the one’s who sacrifice the least, that ask for the people to Die the most. Not to criticize the “extreme obesity” of former governor of New Jersey, but if he was once able to play catcher (in baseball) why didn’t he volunteer to serve his country —in peace time, no less— before the time that he DECIDED TO GUIDE his subordinates to CLOSE A BRIDGE and cause some havoc on his constituents for political reasons, tell me (armando segovia) Mr. Meyer, now that we (the staff) know that you and your California dudellgänger brother don’t read u.s., were the people who died waiting in traffic while riding in an ambulance, A SACRIFICE THAT THE GREAT STATE OF NEW JERSEY had to take for the hubris of that fat sonofavitch Chris Chrispy?

Whortless piece of shit, one single push-up from a National Guardsperson is more sacrifice for New Jersey than what Governor Chris Christy might have done during his state employment.

Anyway, Mr. Meyer, Eye currently occupy a large room, as a matter of fact, several large rooms, a few small ones too, which Eye uses for his masturbation sessions (there is less of an echo D.A.R.E.) Eye does not know how long öüï will be able to continue to squat these motherfuckers at the Paris Underground, but you are welcome to drop by, bring some vino, that’s all öüï ask. Pot will work also, and nevermind about the microwave, we [the staff] have that base covered.

In conclussion, Mr. Meyer, Eye does not mean to be pushy, but if that fucken drummer in that “big band” on your show does not hit that fucking cowbell, Eye is going to hunt his fucking dreams.

For the record, Governor Chrispy, in Hilo, Hawaii it is still Cinco de Mayonnaise for your pastrami sandwiches— you fat bastard! 

P.S. After the fact: Deer, Mr. Meyer… no W.A.S.P.’s here, and Eye took care of all of the rats.

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