19h Jazz Hour — Dear, Adriana Licón/ Gustavo Martínez at AP

This is a Live session; just ask the Sirens at Issy–les-Moulineaux, they just had a glitch in their mic… that was Mí, saying hi! How are youse‽

In any case, Adriana, Gustavo… herman@s.

April is the cruelest month

Some say, that The Last Word on April, is that, D.A.T. bitch is the CRUELest month; Eye disagree, just wait for October and you shall see.

Eye will be quick, please (motherfuckers) please inform your editors (and that Lemire fellow, on the Morning Joe Show) that there is nothing, NOTHING « imaginary » about a Mexican Politician’s mansion.

The other Chicago School

The other Chicago School .::. 71B4AA19-D147-4E49-8D6B-89F07AD2E0B7 🇲🇽 Deer, Negrita in them there DENTILS: Eye wants to be your DOG!

Any how, fellow Miners, it must be bittersweet for the current politicians leading the Mexican nation to say goodbye to Mr. Chávez, why just examine the current Wife of John Mill Ackerman (Ph.D) hiring everyone from her mother, brothers, nephews, and Eye have it on good authority that —her G.A.T.A.— también, into a juicy government post. It is a good thing, don’t you think, that she is in CHARGE OF putting a CHECK ON CORRUPTION!!! FUCK!!!

But speaking of miners, F.U.C.K. Napoleón GÓMEZ Urrutía, here’s why:

https ://www .latimes .com /world /la-fg-mexico-union-boss-20180831-story.html

Fuck him

… Y que chingue a su madre también el SECRETARIO DE LA COMISIÓN FEDERAL DE ELECTRICIDAD, and if you know the lyrics to “the little house” you will know WHY!

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