And in the role of Calculus Entropy* …

* Weekend host Kendis Gibson stars as Cleavon Little’s grandson and Linsey Riser as the conservative dressed choir girl; NOTE TO MUSICAL DIRECTOR; the opening theme after Eddie Vedder’s gibbirish vocals over the pipe organ WILL BE: ZAPPA’s « Catholic Girls » voiced, by Ms. RISER, —of course.

We now return to our Exclusive coverage of the the Olympatec Meditation Institute and the case of the French Tobacco orders for experimental trials of the Covid-19 cure. Dr. KRENCH and The W.H.O. guest star at the Reverend Jimmy Lee Fansworth “happy hour”.

After the break, during the “Hey Negrita” Weekend extravaganza show, Agent Angle starts to lose his religion and Eddie Vedder re-hashes “It’s a Microwave World After All”. NOTE TO Wardrobe EDITORS; Eddie Vedder croons this re–hash wearing a “little Dutch Boy” costume


IN LOCAL Susana Poveda News, Seth Meyers will describe in DETAIL what the color Yellow in The Sky of PANAME looks like (1% of the grade since Mr. Meyer was not here at Kilometer ONE to witness IT!, in reel time) and, motherfucker, in STREET FIGHTING MAN terms (for Fiddy Cent, on the motherfucking BEAT with Ari Melber) relate what hearing THE LAST (live) BEATLE Concert sounded like on top of ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS, from what CHIHUAHUA radio programs en LA NUEVA REPÚBLICA call “Al ras del suelo”.

[MANTECA will metamorphose here after  QUANTIC’s FLOWERING inferno finishes playing on] Súbele súbele Sube Pelayo Sube!]

TIMESTAMP: Rue Saint Honoré; n° 46, 3rd Floor… 75001, casi esquina con 32 rue des Bourdonnais, —of course!

P.S.: You don’t need to pay FULL TUITION for this course, we (the staff) don’t have an NCAA “tenure track” on our online courses.


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