Deer, Mick Jagger — Alone Together… this is an InterMission

Hello, Mick, hope you guessed my name, yada, yada. yada. Lookie-here Lippy Stone, had Eye known that after 50 years of this shit you and FAUL would still be going at, IT! Eye would have sent Sir George Martin to look after THE KINKS, and THE W.H.O. would have been the number one Circus on the Road.

As mentioned before

As mentioned before .::. 0BD3B478-3536-44BF-A3CE-67F2784DF407 🥁 All of my heroes have always been drummers.

So let’s settle this who is the greatest of them all; it’s Muhammad Ali, ya’Bum!!!

But anygüey, to settle this, meet me after Eye takes a nap to settle this bout between you two (motherfuckers)… also, in honor of Jair “MESSIAS” Bolsonaro, Eye might just jerk-off just to seal the deal like engrudo, OK‽ You know, just to make it stick.

https ://www .mejorandomihogar .com /como-hacer-engrudo/

[Yawhn, just woke up, still have to jerk–off] TimeStamp, 00:07 CET

And there you have, IT

And there you have, IT! Folks .::. 57ADBCE5-22AE-4641-9B39-F7545FB45B9B 🏄🏽‍♂️ Lady GAGA has a better and more decent sound system than The Rolling Stones. So by that standard, Ringo Starr is THE MOTHERFUCKING MAN!!! … Charlie Watts remains The Best Drummer, BOI.


Take it away, Alicia Menendez!!!… and nevermind the audio, you already know how the rhythm goes, Vicente Fox misrepresented it best, eh! Which is why the Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua (mexico) MAQUILAS are firing people for not showing up to work. That’s what the small print in a new NAFTA deal, (no pun intended, In and Out burger) it’s all about.


Dallas, got a soft machine
Houston, too close to New Orleans
New York got the ways and means
But just won’t let you be..

And again, Alicia… nevermind the audio, it’s just your regular gremlins. Keep on trucking Alicia, Keep on trucking!!!

… and don’t forget: to keep on rocking in the free World, in little Havana, of course. But if you should ever want to make a shift, start by contrasting a society that instills Arts, Music, and Culture, before ever wondering when “skin colored” teams will re-energize the STADIUM eating HOT-DOG INDUSTRY. And for the record (Alicia) who gives a fuck about hitting “send” before “the pandemic”, Eye knows how this story ends. In any case WE do love your show. Like Adriana and Gustavo at the Associated Press, —IT REPRESENTS!

In any case, Alicia, little’ol Eye can’t sleep and to make thing worst, öüï ran out of Wine… wait one, the store is closed but we have identified a hole in the wall, so there’s that.

Oh, hey Rev! “Do you mind NOT being a MOEtor?

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