May Day – “Six minutes… six minutes/six minutes,” Katty Kay you’re on

Oxford Circus…

Now you know...

“Now you know — the rest of the story” .::. 34E3F3A5-E70B-46B5-B2C0-69C4CC57DD11 🕰

By the numbers: Öüï never thought that we’d make it this far! Meanwhile at Studio 3A, Cousin Joe is trying to make of Chris, Matilda’s favorite son… C’mon Joe!!! Öüï are all united, ANDREW, is Matilda’s favorite bambino, you southern goombah you! Willie, telegraph a Curly slap on Moe… on Joe there.

Note to Editors: Please be advised that “El Rostro” on this timeline below of the panspermia section of the Énergies de Trémois at the Châtelet Metro station (75001) in no way, Cousin Joe, suggests that the likeness, to what looks like the replica of the face cast of a young Napoléon, does not reflect the current “Cut Above The Rest” in Waterloo, IOWA. To put it in Liverpool’s favorite sons terminology; MAXWELL would not approve… especially with all them goddamned Eddy Currents, Dr. Schrödinger.

Get your Kinks Out

Get your Kinks out…
But I don’t feel afraid
As long as I gaze on
Waterloo sunset
I am in paradise
68F9DCF8-CE95-4150-B362-F4FBA0B29EBC = The Kinks.


Over at Seth Meyer’s attic, Kalifornication follows.

So, Mr. Meyer, Eye noticed D.A.T. D.A.R.E. « gentleman on house arrest » doing a tribute to the blunder section of your closer look segment in your conspicuously SOLO show.

And don’t think for a quick second, Mr. Meyer (if that is your real name) D.A.T. that “Kalifornian” fellow on the drum set is not really a Reverend Al Sharpton “skinny late with 50 available menu options at the LORDE LORNE microwave 30 Rock MaTzah ball shop” we know that the little drummer boy is an Oregonian transplant.

You are not foolin’ anybody with your “little heater” D.A.R.E., Mr. Seth, no sir, Eye have it on good autorotha that D.A.T. sloped brick wall is really the outside shoot of a cozy chimney, Mr. Meyer. So please stop paying tribute to Carrot Top, you are better than… props. Just stick to the W.A.S.P.’s on your “time-delayed” segue segment.

AUSSI… please stop throwing your writers under the bus, especially when you can telegraph to your “big” Band to push that « facile à digérer SANS LActose baguette eater » off of the “back of that Greyhound bus”.

You know, Meyers...

You know Meyers, “there’s a TEMPLATE FOR, IT!” .::. 37D4DFCB-4A6A-4CF8-BE7C-9253844C1F56 6️⃣6️⃣ 🎵🎵🎵
Well [it!] goes from St. Louie down to Missouri
Oklahoma city [it!] looks oh so pretty
You’ll see Amarillo and Gallup, New Mexico
Flagstaff, Arizona don’t forget Wynona
Kingman, Barstow, SAN Bernardino

Over on Comedy Central… Musical Guest: FINGER BANG! With their number ONE hit: Girl, It’s as simple as D.A.T., period

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