We [the staff of this most non–Continentally scientific blog] interrupt our Late Night sketch template to inform the non–readers of this tan intranscendente blog, that Nicolle Wallece’s C–450 was a dud. Öüï, reports that sources close to “the Ukrainian plumbers” who installed the black-market after market shower head device relay that the fault does not fall on The (Kalifornian) Pundit.

Details are still dripping but researchers at The Rachel Maddow Show say D.A.T. THAT! Is the problem with buying “aftermarket” state–of–the–art shower heads from “rouge” postal workers at McDonald’s parking lots… the anonymous plumber added that the way to go is to hire a “middle person” to transact the D.E.A.L. at any given In–and–Out burger shack.

Non–certified installers from Best Buy confirmed that a temporary fix to a failing C-450 is to tilt the “House” in order to squeeze every drop out of the C-450 shower head, however, the performance of that state-of-the-art device is most certainly compromised.

Medio Tiempo — Tiempo Entero

Medio Tiempo — Tiempo Entero .::. C9EC0AFB-BF5F-41FE-9367-41FE3BEAF8F5 🏄🏽‍♂️ Of course, Mr. Meyer, one needs what the Buenavista Social Club, call: Un Tres, ¡pa’bailar este bacilón!

“You start to lose the big picture when you tilt your house to meet your PRESSURE needs”, said the Ukrainian plumber. The plumber was of course referring to how an INTERNATIONAL DAY of solidarity gets TACTICALLY (no pun intended) washed away by a bunch of S.E.A.L.s, in the house of a guy W.H.O. was not fond of taking showers. It’s IRONIC —of course— but what better way to bust a UNION than by busting the BoogieMan syndicate… now D.A.T.!!! is some subliminally post–Eisenhower industrial Rayethon/McDonell Douglas Capitalist voodoo there.


Anyhow, over at Big Ben’s place it’s five minutes for a Brand New Day. In america sin acento, it’s opening day, BODY BAG SPECIAL on AISLE ONE. Porc Chops are two–for–one.

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