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In Local News, the very French are looking into nicotine as a probable cure for the Corona Covid -19… Rush Limbaugh asks if one has to be 18 years of age to use this new possible cure, or if the Reverend Jimmy Lee Fansworth plantation can hook’em while they are in Junior High?

A chupar Faros®️

A chupar Faros®️ .::. 86A64730-62CF-40B5-BD0E-0B6E35685F4B 🇲🇽🦠🇫🇷 “Qu’est-ce que tu as à perdre ?”, suggests the American president, hinting to his French counterpart that the South is ready to rise to the occasion.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, “Condorito”, a Peruvian construction worker says that there might be something there other than just a smoke, given that he has never been a fan of nicotine and he was the first among his people in France to catch the Covid -19 malady, while the rest of his co–workers most of these chain smokers and some, not all, even alcoholics seem immune to the so-called Coronas.

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