Mientras tanto en México… Chocolate abuelita o, agüita de limón

Maybe there’s a guey to let the alligator play inside the bathtub
Maybe there’s a way that öüï can play inside
the bathtub too
Maybe there’s a song that you and Eye can sing along about the bathtub
But if there is it’s just a song about the THEY
that öüï were alligators too

Eye hates to say it

Eye hates to say it .::. 2E601751-63DE-4F64-AF9E-149130F55256 🎧 Coming up in the Programming, the ”Lethal Weapon 3” soundtrack in the Voice of Leo Getz; “get it?”… ok, ok, ok; Leo Gets It! Get it?

A is for Lagarto
Ben Sidran
Blue Camus (2014)


Sayonara, Jaa ne, o Mata ne
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/03/29 /opinion /026a1cap (El parque japonés)


Urbanohistorias .::. 75845A44-7BC2-4A85-80FC-AF2A928D5A73 🎼
If the night turned cold and the stars looked down
And you hug yourself on the cold cold ground
You wake the morning in a stranger’s coat…

Eye hates to say it
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/03/29 /espectaculos /a04n1esp


And at Nicolle’s Basement… Saul Goodman makes a cameo

Battlestations! Battlestations:

Bee vegüï vegüï Careful, Eight year–old’s coodies are at an all thyme hi. Yo-yo’s are circling the Purple pundit’s basement and if Eye would had told you last year D.A.T., Robert Costa would be telecasting from the bottle where he stored Joan Manuel Serrat’s “Pare” (it’s in the archives), Figluzzi would have asked “Black Spy” what kind of Ket•chup he wanted on his Hamburgers (for delivery) in Paradise.

Susana W.H.O.?

Susana W.H.O.? .::. 34BB178B-81F5-46AD-A5EC-2243CF8ECCF6 🧶 Next thing you know, Zeppelin is going to crash here, Aussi. Fuentes cercanas a Horacio le oyeron gritar: ¡DETÉNTE!!! LIEBRE del demonio de Wuhan. ¡Deténte, ya!!! —_•!•_— Uso justo de todos los medios, para propositos del tratado de Libre Intercambio de Información.

And over at Heidi’s walk-in closet, rumor is spreading like a rapid raving rabid wabbit, that the Trump administration is working a deal to replace Dr. Anthony Fugazi with Paul Simon. Sources close to Pryzbyla say, D.A.T… the Make America Great Again crowd won’t realize the switch, considering that Dr. Fugazi is about the same size as Simon.

Over at Nicolle’s basement, gremlins just breached the W.I.R.E…. Ö.Ü.Ï repeat, gremlins have breached the W.I.R.E., insiders at the front blame an Eight year–old trying to get trough that basement’s White House canvas; oh, the humanity.