Previously on Round One… Remus was kicked in the nuts

— Garrett Haike was ran over by a Rental

— Romulus was trolling the Amazonas

— Nicolle Wallace revealed that she wears a way–too–small of a mask.

Charlie didn't Surf

Charlie didn’t Surf .::. 96C2F20E-F418-4724-ACA9-9CCC02CA65B3 🍟 … [A]nd, as Senator John McCaine revealed after his release from The ‘NAM, Charlie was a fag! —_•!•_— Special Agent McManus reports.

… And over at Meet The Press: You are not fooling anyone with that “Mustache” Beto O’Rourke! The Real Dr. Dalton is a Raider who Escaped From New York!… Let Mí, Draw youse a Composite Retrato Hablado of the intrepid doctor, wait one:

Dr. Clayton Dalton (one-each)

Dr. Clayton Dalton (one-each) .::. 885E652A-6A23-4096-9B1C-CC0B5E9D78C4 🏴‍☠️ Dr. Dalton was last seen evacuating patients from Baltimore after 2nd Amendment zombies and Right-wing conservatives descended on the D.C. metropolitan area, The WHO recommends to stay clear of these walking dead idiots as their breath alone can turn you into a STATISTIC.

Over at the 11th Hour at BriWi’s cave, the Dildo Manufacturer and part time historian, Walter Isaacson, a Renaissance Man and an Elder of the underground Punk Rock band “The Essens” pledged his support for Remus cause. Transmitting from an undisclosed Dildo Shrine in middle-America, Isaacson “contemplated” getting involved in this historic Lucha Libre match after he witnessed the “Evil” Pundit’s Angels manifest themselves into La Primera de Tres Caídas sin Limite de Tiempo. It turns out D.A.T. GWENN Romulus was trolling the Amazonas with his “arms–in–the–air” Victory shimmy dance, Romulus was actually invoking the Mortal Triad gladiators into the bout, changing the dynamic of a mono–a–mano fight into a Lucha en Relevos Australianos. The Humanity! The Nerve! The Magick, oh, the Magick. 

TimeCheck: It’s the top of the Rachel Re-run hour in Central Nato Times, 06h45; Midnight at the U.N. Headquarters and, the 18 hundred hours in Hilo, Hawaii. 

His mother was a Salem witch

Synopsis: His great grandmothermother was a Salem witch, his grandfather was the infamous Dr. Victor Frankenstein (pronounced FRANKönSeen) who was forced to change the family last name to save the hides of Future Frankönsteen generations from the Salem Science Trials. .::. 632C53F7-C82B-493F-A948-CB5A43C8260F 🐘 Sean Connery stars as Dr. Andrew “Zardoz” Artenstein.

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