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Still to Come: Washington State native, Trisha Brown (Aberdeen) celebrates 50 years that WASHINGTON D.C. flushed down the Drain. And over at Detroit Rock City, “The Woman in Michigan” is portrayed by Isabelle Huppert in TENNESSEE WILLIAM’S, “La Ménagerie de verre”.

Tristeza não tem fim

Tristeza não tem fim .::. ED4CF8F3-5B91-462E-A0B3-91D9ECC3EE12 👄 The look of Love, sí; o algo así… and because we’ve seen a few tributes (around the block) öüï covered, it!

An American in Paris reports (motherfuckers!):

But FO’ist, the Reverend Jimmy Lee Fansworth breaks down the TOTAL proceeds from this weekend edition REMOTE TRANSACTION fundraiser of the Pastor Joe Butcher’s Olymp[i]atec Meditation Institute… « Zippy-ri do–Dah, zippy–ri deh, Mai oh Mai is the Next 31 days ».

[Ronald Lee Ermey’s voice narrates the following advertisement in order to segue into Pastor Joe Butcher’s “hierarchy of personal interests” AS juxtaposed with his “personal relation with a brand new Lear Jet”… in order to be closer to JESUS] Note to audio editors: as the good reverend Jimmy Lee Fansworth narrates the sponsors “plug” Eddie Vedder plays his esoteric organ while humming some UNINTELLIGIBLE GOBBLEDYGOOK.  

— Brothers and Sisters, Eye is happy to report that that The Olympatec Meditation Institute has reached its goal of 40 Thousand dollar “gifts” per congregation, and to give all of those brave souls who could not follow us this past weekend, an  additional opportunity to send in theirgifts”, LABORATORIOS CAMACHO, en la calle STANTON de El Paso, Tejas, is happy to relay that for the next 48 hours, for every donation of $100 or more, LABORATORIOS CAMACHO will send you a “blessed” dosage of EXTRACTO de Gobernadora. That’s right brothers and sisters you’ve heard right, EXTRACTO de Gobernadora from the miraculous shrub that grows wild all along the beautiful Semi-Arid region of “El Bolsón de Mapimí”. EXTRACTO de Gobernadora, “if it’s good enough to flush–out the rusted devils collected on the inside of the grills of the RADIATOR of that gas-hog that you drive around in, it’s good enough to flush the CORONAVirus from your kidneys; AND if there are any STONES in D.A.R.E. you can be sure that the power of the Lorde and of Laboratorios Camacho’s exclusive formula of EXTRACTO DE GOBERNADORA will flush them better than any Anti-freeze could ever hope it could. 

… Meanwhile at the pancracio Tim Apple sent in his “lightning cable” gremlins and transmission of that Caída was muted but not silenced. Here’s a recap of that awkward moment of Charlie Chapliness pandemonium:

Relevos Australianos

Relevos Australianos .::. 8178B494-67C1-4402-B36D-B0AEB6209EA4 🕳 Enter the Three Amigos, aka “the pundit’s angels”, but don’t let the tag fool you, these three are no angels, but Mortal Kombat doppelgängers from the underworld of Hadas.

TimeNow is 21h45 in Central Nato Times, where Vladimir Putin (we have learned) has bitchslapped the allegiance with an additional “lifetimes” to his regime in Russia, we the staff of this most consequential blog leave it at “lifetimes” on account that the newest eligible voters in them United States of Las Barras y Las estrellas were not even a figment of the imagination in the back of that gas guzzling automobiles in which they were conceived in, at–The–Drive–In.  


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