Now you’ve heard about “The Invisible Man”… It’s not one of those

Charlie Watts is still the best drummer in the Roman Stones, period!… And (motherfuckers) Alan Jackson’s drummer (from 1994) seconds that; not to mention a Los Bukis conga musician on Siempre En Domingo in the early 1980’s. It’s esoteric material, just like Karim SADly’s (p.57 £€ Μαgazιne du Monde*) interpretation of Lily–Rose’s grandpa’s Big Black Book of DIY spells.

Little T&A

Little T&A .::. 0029BA8C-3128-4B65-86CE-08443A3362B5 🗺* M Le Magazine du Monde N° 447 Supplément n°23407/2000 C 81975. WHAT CAN BROWN, Do FOR EWE?

Time Stamp: 3 p.m. HST, 9 p.m. EST, and of course: OhThree hundred hours in Central Europe Thymes. 

🥖 Sound:


Two, Three, Fo’

“Nobody told me there’d be days like these
Strange days indeed
most peculiar, Mama.”

Note to editors:

Deer, Alicia Menendez, maybe for some, Billy’s “New York State of Mind”, or for them Jersey cats Frank’s Big Apple song gets The Voice of them Okie Eagles up in the air  “In a New York Minute”, of course, you may even take that walk on the Wild side, but few synapses (at least for the makers of this most non–consequential blog) other than maybe (los algodoneros de) Harlem, gets u.s. on Houston Street faster than Lennon and Tattoo You; so D.A.R.E. is D.A.T., period.

Ruhle under my thumb

The Ruhle Under My Pulgar .::. BEB10F85-BF46-4E01-8600-739CBD56242F 🃏 If you can smell each other farts, then you are too close to each other, period!

Having said D.A.T…, [Nick and Monica! PLEASE!!!  Como dice Jack, “por partes” that is to say, one at a time, mis prietos! One at a Thyme!]  Alicia, you have got to be a traffic cop in that there remote cueva of yours, now please give that illegitimate son of former Philadelphia mayor, Michael Nutter, a hug; but on a more serious note, please relay to “your people”, D.A.T. « our people » have, it!, on good authority THAT:



Indeed, South BY Southwest .::. AB905D94-2F2E-4D4A-A9AE-ED68353AEE75 🦠 This a Public Service Announcement, to let y’all motherfuckers on the “info wars” scene know D.A.T. D.A.R.E. is no such thing as “country music”, it’s just bad (as in not good) Rock and Roll.

And SADly… there was nothing that Lady Mandonna could do about it, SADly… güey too many exceptional Muricans, like lemmings —indeed— infected grandpa Cletus and grandma Cline with the perfect “conspiracy” trigger from the Big Pharma and Private Medical Insurance Lobby and, most of all [Cousin Joe] the Trump Family educational fund.


… in the Spirit of the adventures d’Astérix and Obelix, the AFTER en la scène national de REIMS, Las Catrinas de Posadas amenizaron El Día de Los Muertos (en Marzo/Abril) así:


Eye would argue

Eye would argue .::. B701433D-961B-470C-9C10-1A434DC0A2AA —_•!•_— Versace.


Öüï knead to take another nap; TimeStamp, Oh five: five five… five zzzzzz

9th Dream on Saint Cloud Nueve

Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave.

Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave. .::. 🎺MILEStone: 40 K Deaths in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA’s failure to respond to THE WHO 🎷 … Gwenn, Leena? Gwenn did the Emperor Failed to respond? —_!_— … and Leena responds, back when RATT was ushering in the Chinese New Lunar Year.


Öüï now return to the essential coverage of DOS CAÍDAS DE Tres—sin limite de Tiempo… but FOist, Avi Velshi, we [the staff] are going to take a Fucking nap; glad you don’t read us, and for the record, nevermind the Broadband access, it’s the “progressive obsolescence“, wait what? Programmed OBSOLESCENCE from the likes of Tim Apple. Case in point, iArmando Segovia 3.0, have made it a point to document how an Apple®️ “lighting cable” shelf life is no greater than Four months (give or take the use). This corporate strategy, Avi Velshi, only encourages one reaction, can you guess what it is? It matches Breaking them Ruhles. MARK my WORDS, motherfucker, it’s not a Maverick thing, it’s just lifting the shop.

It’s just a simple (+) (N) (Grd) trenza, it should not be a mandatory €30; 32-pin sophisticated racket, Mr. Apple.

🎶 Don't Wanna be Your Slave

Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it
Do it, do it, do it, do it
Don’t Wanna be Your Slave .::. 7BFCC177-BF36-453F-8563-ABD7BDCBBCB7 👄🥫🍌
Twenty-four hours a day
Hey, why don’t you go down to the supermarket?
Get something to eat, steal something off the shelves
Pass by the liquor store, be back about quarter to twelve

… TimeStamp: 15h45 in Central Europe Time, in Dallas, TX, nobody gives a Fuck what Time it is. Especially the Apple Corporation.


Dear, Negrita:

Don’t go making the same mistake that Professor Melissa Harris–Davis made. Don’t go asking “the producers” to hold the NYC Mayor’s Corona Briefing! This is how Melissa’s iPhone got blocked from Rachel’s Blackberry. Y’know what eye’M saying, —Shuga‽ But yeah, “Dear, America” give u.s. more of those HasteRisks communities numbers in reel-time; not in a slow motion Burnesque documentary two generations after the Dust Bowl settles. Issy, Elise Jordan, Ken Burns is, —a fag.

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