Anyway, Lorde Lorne… zoom in on this

Text, context, subtext… did ya’ get all D.A.T.?

Dedos a tres caídas

Dedos a tres caídas .::. 107AA8B4-2F12-4FE9-B7BA-EFECE50198B4 🏄🏽‍♂️ El Che cocinando hamburguesas en el paraíso.

Or must öüï include it in the motherfucking dentils, eh?


Un presunto hombre lobo aterroriza a los pobladores de Coita, Chiapas; llevan 2 noches buscándolo

Deer, Ashley Parker (love your signature S.M.I.L.E.) YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYBODY anymore, anyhow. We [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] have it on the most questionable of AutourAthas that D.A.T. D.A.R.E. Guadalupana candle on D.A.T. D.A.R.E. chimney mantle of your chante is there because of El Lobo Hombre who fled París. The Union (of all birds of a feather) denies that his name (of D.A.T. D.A.R.E. lycanthrope) is Saint-DENIS, because el Lobo Hombre en París remains… Chiapas is the exclusive territory of the GOAT Killer that fled DELANO, California, and who as former president of them other Mexican United States revealed while exiled in IRELAND in the 1990’s, was a Puerto Rican called “El Chupa Cabras”.

Of course, all of this must be read in a Terry “T.O.A.D.” Fields* voice.

Musical guest: From Jazz to Rock

Musical guest: From Jazz to Rock, and other assorted Folk Tales from The Continuing Ballad of Mongo .::. 1BE5E3E3-A575-48A5-BD5E-E525354EC71E 🐺🦇🐷🦠⚰️💉💊🧫🧴

* Terry Fields left Petaluma, California under the Draft of the Vietnam GWAR and upon returning from Hamburger Hill, “the Bri-Wi” used his G.I. Bill to obtain a Communication Degree from The University of New York  in   at El Paso Texas and, of course he changed his name to Brian Williams… this is “the rest of his story”:

Please allow Mí, to introduce myself

🎶 Please allow Mí, to introduce myself .::. 0186C765-2279-4FA1-987E-6032FA08B18D … Eye knows where D.A.T. Cat’s little bones lay and, lest you forget, under which roots near Le Mans they rest. ➿ Indeed, Ashley Parker, In•Deed, some called Mí (in a yet–to–be Produced 1st Century Fox  motion picture) Joseph Bar Mathias, but the morning crew over at « the » History Channel just call Mí, FLAVIUS Joe.

But FOist, LOCAL MOTION NEWS with your host, Christopher Lloyd in the role of Christo, un “HARTISTE” américain (selon page 8 of Nº 2542 of el DETENTE de Defendente Génolini of CNEWS matin) qui va « empaqueter » l’Arc de Titus… WAIT what? SCRATCH D.A.T. CHRISTO va a “empaquetar” el Arco del Triunfo en septiembre, y según “el” JDD, Journal du Dimanche, para las Ombres Lobo en CHIAPAS, CHRISTO se lo va  pasar (el famoso arco) por sus pinches huevos, o algo así.

As a kind reminder to all of our none readers, please be advised that in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s the 11th Hour of yet another “Manic Lockdown Monday” the 13th of April, of 2020; meanwhile over at l’Arc de triomphe à Paris it’s just minutes away of High Noon (motherfuckers) of Tuesday the 14, of MMXX.

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