And at n°10 Downing Street — The Fantasy of Easter

Breaking the news:

La ironía se pinta sola

La ironía se pinta sola .::. E6A1C291-B27E-42B1-904F-DA37DB823A27 … did you mean, monoaureo, to addinjuryto insult? —_•!•_— Dile NO a los «falsos amigos », a los de dos patas y a los de la tarea de una “traducción” y re interpretación.  EFEMÉRIDE francesa and Google Doodle of the THEY: https ://www .google .com /doodles /celebratingthemarinière

In WaWa Land:

Ashley Parker is a “guadalupana”, but unlike the “aspirational” fantasies of populist governments who want to be open for business by the end of “la cuaresma”, or WOIst, the ones WHO assure their population that because they “happen to be poor” (apparently like the ENTIRE State of PUEBLA de Zaragoza) they won’t get hit by 100,000 cases of coronavirus victims, The Washington Post reporter appears to be advocating for science and data to measure the oncoming Tsunami of funerals expected in the “former greatest country” in the mind of gringos.

Just the facts Ma'am

Just the facts Ma’am .::. A3E20EB0-D716-4D30-B071-DD2FB9BA5A1F 🛵 Previously, on American Patchworks: it’s a true story, but in a different universe, not in this surreal world D.A.T. öüï are living through in the third month of the twentieth year of third millenium of the Common Era. The story, according to the Rastafarian face under the grassy plant over Ashley’s left shoulder, is that as a teen (again, in a different Alternate reality) she used to love riding in Hot Rods, which she called « really really boss cars » or someting like D.A.T.; in this universe, Ashley is an undercover Guadalupana. Indeed.

Across the Atlantic, —from Atlanta:

Brexit has come up with a case of the coodies, symptoms are mild, and sources close to them Rosbif’s say that the PM is sitting comfortably numb on an Olde English leather couch, —a lover of ROMANs, and their Empire— Boris Johnson is feeling right at the Lorem Ipsum side of the fence.

Wendy Byrde stars as Mika Brzezinski .:. 04437C4D-1058-4305-A5F6-727F20CB0108 ✍🏼 Season 3; EP 1 opens at a SORIANA shopping mall in Coahuila de Zaragoza.

Over at The Atlanta, Georgia (dome),  Brian Williams has just reported (12 hours ago, approx.) that in a surprise overtake of humanity, Atlantans in high-rise containment units have invented the Parisian sound of unison applause of appreciation for medical workers and other trades and occupations WHO remain active in the service of their community. The move, which CATCH enthusiasts called a “suplex japonés al estilo Lucha Libre” is a bold move in the pride of Parisinas, WHO normally hold the ©️, the ™️, the patent and, the ®️ trademark on inventions and discoveries under D.A.T. D.A.R.E “Old Lucky Sun”… OHhhhh, The Humanity, Mika, The—Humanity.

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