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More American Graffiti

Indeed. — Rachel Maddow — Indeed. It’s Morning in America, and the Massachussetts governor should trust in the “Invisible Man” in the market. After all, isn’t D.A.T., congressman Scarborough, what being a “Red–blooded American” is all about?

Time now is 0200 hours in Central NATO Times, and reception is botchy at best, but it doesn’t matter, Chris Hayes got on board a DMC DeLorean and went cruising across The Atlantic to learn how this post–existential moment (remember the navel gazing jokes, don’t you forget about them Mike Barnicle) is going to end.

Happening right now:

In the “We are Number One”, country in the world, rumor has it that ESSENTIAL HOSPITAL WORKERS are now, unofficial mannequins for a famous American trash bag company. Indeed, because of the leadership of “great americans” such as Republican Senator, Susan Collins (MAINE), Registered Nurses are having to wear actual trash bags as protective equipment, in part because Your President failed to prepare for the pandemic that he was warned about, great!!!  Donald Trump’s type of leadership managed to steal the look of the homeless in the rain, for the “greatest heath system” workers in the world. They do look “cute”, a Mötley Crüe with looks that kill, indeed.

The Modesto Examiner
All The News D.A.T.  Fit to Print

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“Page 2” .::. 6BA641FB-0E99-41AE-8731-7BA9FB8595D4 🎙… [F]rom “The Rest of The Story”… mr. president, i love you, but YOU ARE WRONG.

Coming up in the programming, Revisionist history and the outlets that help’em, but FOist:

 All the quotes that are fit to print

— Wolfman Jack:
Pardon me, is your name Collette?

—Woman at the other end of the line:
Sir, this is the operator with a collect call for the Wolfman Jack.

— Collett, are you French?

— I’m the operator, are you Wolfman Jack?

Of course you know

Of course you know .::. BEFE7CEB-C40B-4C02-B8B2-9E3263CBF459 📻 … [T]hat all of the above must be read in a Mork’s voice, Mindy.

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