Intermedio con El Monoaureo — You get one Chance, Negrita (no mulligans)

ISSY, don Calderón, ya lo dice un viejo refrán en una Heroica Hemeroteca de monitos:

Lo siento Giacometti

Lo siento Giacometti .::. 1C7840A8-5949-43C9-9393-AF811ED70114 📰 … [P]ero en el llamado “USO JUSTO DE TODOS LOS MEDIOS”, con fines, o para propósitos de recabar datos (llámese también « captura de información ») para la posteridad, o mismo (si las hay) futuras generaciones, fue BORRADO POR LOS MEDIOS “originales” y, por si sobrara menossolapado by complacent newspaper archives, which —with all due respect— defeat the purpose of an INTERNET MACHINE; don’t ya’Think so, sir? dicho de otra manera, sobre aviso no hay “perjuicio”, por citar a un juarense michoacano. Así que, ¿cuál herida (querida)?.

“Aunque algunos cartones ya los hayan borrado los medios originales, quedarán los textos. Click sobre la imagen para agrandar”.

In any case and/or scenario, Chuck Todd, that there Chris Hayes was about to blow up last night, wasn’t he, until someone or maybe himself caught the outrage before speaking to the governor of New York; Matilda’s favorite son according to CNN; anygüey Chuckels, you were right on target last night, that is to say —tune in— and there still remains an ELECTION PROCESS to complete.

The Ozarks on MSNBC

The Ozarks on MSNBC .::. 6DCAE07E-389F-48C3-83A8-8A12438D70C2 🔫💣🧨 My friend of Missouri… DYN–O–MITE!

Which brings me, a most non-consequential bum to ask the following question before getting on the A Train (M-11) and back into the underground, under the underground, —literally.

Why, sir, is CNN not covering the sexual assault allegations against the former Senator of Delaware? Eye knows that Nicolle, if given the opportunity to speak with the former vice-president of the United States of America (again) she would waste 10 minutes of her time slot shmoozing with the candidate of DEM D.A.R.E choir boys in the American South. On the flip-side, Senator Kristen* Gillibrand, there is that there thing that we [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] mentioned on this space, —that you most certainly, would not take the time to read— about women making complains about men. Do you, madam see where we are going with this? If not, continue like Chris Hayes not getting “All In” en el contenido de este tan intrascendente blog, because it is one thing to (listen up monoaureo):

[* beg your pardon^ Senator, KIRsten]

get one’s feeling hurt, and quite another to get one’s physical body injured. [1A]

In Empire News

In Empire news .::. 49B81AE9-044F-451B-98A8-AA7EBC2F2502 🚪 “Jump” to page 3. New York State. — Like the American health system, WHO some, like Death Cult Republican representative for the Savannah congressional district in Georgia, Earl Leroy “Buddy” Carter, think that it is the best health care system in the world, another victim of the times and the misconception about The United States of America is the perception of its doors. For decades, The Doors (of L’America) were thought of around The Globe as some of the coolest , perhaps for some (except for Frank Sinatra WHO had a notorious distaste for the American Doors) the best.  Not so anymore since the lockdowns in several major cities have shown, that Americans (except for Steve Rattner¹) have a pretty insipid taste in their doors, pretty much all American doors are framed in the same color and style. Eye suggests, that as soon as this on–going crisis is over, and people have the opportunity to go out and shop again, Americans should change them uniform–looking doors. Perhaps that’s why Jim decided to follow in CARL’s steps and move to a different country where the perception of it’s Doors remains with character.

^ also, Reverend Sharpton
the signal corps are under attack,
and so we’ll pick it up tomorrow,
spectrum permitting.

In any case, Rachel Maddow, one (or those with a broad audience) should not get to cherry pick which #metoo movement allegations should get air time. Eye mean, Kasie Hunt, what kind of coverage would Candidate Bernie Sanders receive if he was to be accused of raping Fidel Castro, eh‽


1. Steve Rattner is an American investment asset specialist, under the Obama years he bought a whole bunch of junker cars to stimulate the automobile industry. Currently, he is the go-to guy when subliminal graphs and pie charts are needed on the Mornig Joe Show in order to describe an a national economic trend an/or outcome; in THE DOORS context above, Steve Rattner is… FAST–FORWARD to the year 2049 where:

https ://imdb .com /title /tt1856101 /trivia

Wood is rare and valuable in the movie Blade Runner 2049. Steve Rattner’s home studio for MSNBC goes beyond having character, as a matter of fact, some might say that Steve Rattner’s office space for MSNBC veers on the opulent side of the spectrum; it’s as if Steve Rattner would understand and would want to emulate the villainous character of Niander Wallace’s taste for WOOD and, D.A.T. his house is made almost entirely out of wood to show how wealthy he is… D.A.T. motherfucker!

1A. With regards to gender-biased legislation please stand by for context, because this comparison is specific to yesterday’s monoaureo comment on Horax’s political cartoon about the Mexican State of Puebla governor and his take on the COVID–19 response under his watch. Time now in Hilo, Hawaii, Senator Gillibrand is:

Sunday Morning.

And in New York City is

And in New York City it’s .::. DFB70FD9-80E6-47DE-8394-96BE0D219D1A 🗣 SATURDAY NIGHT

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