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More American Graffiti

Indeed. — Rachel Maddow — Indeed. It’s Morning in America, and the Massachussetts governor should trust in the “Invisible Man” in the market. After all, isn’t D.A.T., congressman Scarborough, what being a “Red–blooded American” is all about?

Time now is 0200 hours in Central NATO Times, and reception is botchy at best, but it doesn’t matter, Chris Hayes got on board a DMC DeLorean and went cruising across The Atlantic to learn how this post–existential moment (remember the navel gazing jokes, don’t you forget about them Mike Barnicle) is going to end.

Happening right now:

In the “We are Number One”, country in the world, rumor has it that ESSENTIAL HOSPITAL WORKERS are now, unofficial mannequins for a famous American trash bag company. Indeed, because of the leadership of “great americans” such as Republican Senator, Susan Collins (MAINE), Registered Nurses are having to wear actual trash bags as protective equipment, in part because Your President failed to prepare for the pandemic that he was warned about, great!!!  Donald Trump’s type of leadership managed to steal the look of the homeless in the rain, for the “greatest heath system” workers in the world. They do look “cute”, a Mötley Crüe with looks that kill, indeed.

The Modesto Examiner
All The News D.A.T.  Fit to Print

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“Page 2” .::. 6BA641FB-0E99-41AE-8731-7BA9FB8595D4 🎙… [F]rom “The Rest of The Story”… mr. president, i love you, but YOU ARE WRONG.

Coming up in the programming, Revisionist history and the outlets that help’em, but FOist:

 All the quotes that are fit to print

— Wolfman Jack:
Pardon me, is your name Collette?

—Woman at the other end of the line:
Sir, this is the operator with a collect call for the Wolfman Jack.

— Collett, are you French?

— I’m the operator, are you Wolfman Jack?

Of course you know

Of course you know .::. BEFE7CEB-C40B-4C02-B8B2-9E3263CBF459 📻 … [T]hat all of the above must be read in a Mork’s voice, Mindy.

Enough said • TRIBUTO

Siendo este [tan intrascendente] blog, en cierto grado un “producto de la SEP” y de nuestra raquítica y carente educación (digna de un transnacional californiano) es justo y hasta tal vez necesario relatar que los primeros « flashbacks », if Eye may call’em D.A.T., of France and EUROPA, dId not arrive from the free textbooks that the Mexican federation provided in the mid-1970’s, at a school named “Guadalupe Victoria”, nor, in the pages of the California elementary versions provided to every child in a school called “Mariposa”, located on the foothills of Mount Baldy, near Cucamonga.

From — The Guardian (U.K.)

From — The Guardian (U.K.), byline: Allison Flood .::. BDD05E43-CA8A-4337-8D28-D5809126548E 🐗 🍽 🍷Continued from the screen-capture up above … [G]oscinny, dies at home ‘from a heart attack unrelated to the coronavirus’.
• A world of joyful innocence in the aftermath of war. 📰 https ://www .theguardian .com /books/2020/mar/24/asterix-creator-albert-uderzo-dies-at-92

https ://www .theguardian .com /books /2020 /mar/24 /asterix-creator-albert-uderzo-dies-at-92

ISSY, Mr. Sarkozy, because we’ve seen a few GALOs or TWO, we covered it.

… Coming up in the programming, Groove holmes interviews Richie Cunningham (in the role of Steve, a Modesto, California, insurance sales representative turned Ronald Reagan supporter) on how Curt (in the role of Richard Dreyfuss) always knew that “Minnie Mouse” would turn into a cow, which is why Curt ended up in Canada, as a writer.

The Modesto Examiner

From the wires, via The Modesto Examiner .::. 241A1828-9055-404F-9943-C2F407F09ACE 🛵 The Modesto Examiner, “All The Quotes D.A.T. Fit to Print!”:
Curt Henderson: You know Toby Juarez? Toby Juarez, he’s a Pharaoh isn’t he?
Joe: Toby Juarez? Sure, we [The Pharaohs] know Toby. We killed him last night. Tied him to a car and dragged him… [gleefully] Rome wasn’t burned in a night.

Where were you, in 1979?

En fin don Calderón, 1978/79, lo recuerdo en borrosos detalles, pero de lo que si estoy seguro es de que mientras los tíos que me cuidaron del lado mexicano hacían las compras en una tienda de Gómez Palacio, DGO, (Soriana) yo solía entretenerme con los monitos de Astérix el galo, y luego, para extensión de ese viaje, porque nuestro hogar estaba a unos 45 minutos de carretera siendo que, San José de Las Panochas, estaba por aquéllos tiempos (hoy existe una autopista) en lo que se consideraban “rancherias”, o ejidos; para que el profe John Mill Ackerman, me entienda mejor. Hoy ya no existen los ejidos porque “el goat killer” o « chupacabras » se los entregó al Neoliberalismo de los años 1990, o algo así… como dijo Joe “El Faraón”, en American Graffiti: ROMA (ejido en la Comarca Lagunera) no lo quemaron en una noche; pasaron varias lunas y sequías para que eso tuviese lugar.


“Fantasme de l’odalisque” en el comedor de Delacroix

“Whereas in Europe the female body was held rigid by corsets, `oriental‘ female bodies appeared unrestrained… The idea of a harem fascinated travellers who always wanted to be allowed inside one…”

Excerpt from a panel en el chante de
Mr. Delacroix, en la ocasión de:

Imaginaires et RepréSENTATIONS de L’Orient 

Questions de Regards

Connectivity follows… uso justo de todos los primos de Mr. Delacroix.

Híjole, comadre, de las cosas que uno se viene a enterar cuando existe la oportunidad de salir del ‘rancho’, y ver las similitudes entre Colonias y Colonizadores, por ejemplo, según el panel en cuestión, al parecer las mujeres ‘orientales’ eran “objeto del deseo” de ciertos viejerosde ciertos viajeros europeos que recorrian las tierras del mundo musulmán en busca de “cortesanas voluptuosas, languideciendo en medio de una decoración suntuosa, [una especie] de femme fatale sumisa…”, cualquier parecido con el mundo adolescente de la versión de “American Graffiti” (1973) de Tom Cruise (1983) en busca de ‘Spanish fly’s’ y el ‘donkey show’ en Tijuana, no es más que pura coincidencia distorsionada… o algo así, Nicole.

Memories of a little green bag… 75006, casi esquina con Los Rolling Stones, en la Rue de Furstemberg… entre la Rue de Jacob y El Instituto Católico de París. }—-~~~\*>  Foto por segoviaspixes / armando segovia 2018. Cooyleft.

Inside another chamber where Delacroix no doubt spent many sleepless nights i discovered that previous to her carrier as a Saint, La Magdalena era “jaladora” y amante del Super Estrella… huh, who would have thunk it, eh, Nicole.

TimeStamp: Five to Three in Central Fip Time

Holy Muse…


… and now, it’s time for Da’ Breakdown:

Rue Visconti, 75006… un callejón parisino entre muchos que hay, pero este, pues este es especial… SOURCE Follows:


Da’ Source… Napo, of Corse!

TimeStamp: SATISFACTION WITH A BONGO BAND!!! in Central Europe Currency.

Fucking Canuks… EWE fucking lamb killing EWES!!!

Merci… Right back at Ya!

75006… here’s looking at EWE 75001!

Oh, yeah… and then there’s that Bike Song, eh.

Those were Da’ Days, eh!

and now… the local news:

Some fucking assholes went ahead and used their racial “privilege” to commit a heinous crime against a elderly femina.

Right now there is a White march (as in peace being a white piece of cloth attached to a stick, not a white march in the sense of a Tikki Lamp march in The Virginias of the U.S. of A.), anygüey, neither the extreme left or the extreme right took part in it.

In the MEAN time, Dr. Alejandro del CISEN y tu compadre Francisco en la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Leon: those were the days my friend, and God damn it, can’t we all just get along…