The FOist 100 (in the u.s. of Donald John Trump)

18 de marzo, 2020
(Edición vespertina)

Americans want more of the same.

C’mon, Jack Dorsey… get hospital workers some Protective Excuses for Nº 45. Aussi, Ivanka Trump, could you please send a Tweet®️ to your daddy and inform him, pretty please, that from “dead patient” nº 101 and until the end of Governor Cuomo’s PREDICTED WAVE of KNOWN CASUALTIES are will be on Donald John Trump’s WATCH 🦠⚙️🌊🏄‍♀️ Happy Surfing, bitch!

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And in Washington, Nicolle Wallace drowned in a pool of an 8 year–old’s coodies. Nobody could have predicted D.A.T.!!! The good news is that Curly H. took David Gura out of the break-box and as expected, the Show Must Go On.

Dear, Donald Trump Junior, please send a Tweet to your daddy, and explain to that DRAFT-DODGING coward that he is no “war time” president, D.A.T. title belongs to his French counterpart Mr. Emmanuel Macron. And besides, Donald Trump Junior, your “daddy” can’t even get the Army Corps of Engineers to un-hurry up and stop waiting for instructions to jump into action, Jack!

In Racing news:

ANYGÜEY, Chuck Todd, Americans want more of the same, —it seems— because Donald is not being asked to resign, by people who DO NOT NEED $1000 checks; people like you, Chuck! Anyhow, Chuckles, the good thing about this most non–consequential blog is that you don’t get our memo’s, but in the absence of Nicolle, you take the cake, just don’t eat it, fucker.

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