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Live from El Paso, Tejas… in Paris, France, it’s Thyme for another edition of:

Try to keep up

Try to keep up .::. 130CD241-C39B-4F2A-8CE7-9B7AB7D3CCA8 💪🏼

F.u.c.k. D.A.T. Tweeter C.E.O., and the tattoo he PAID to have tagged on him to show his “appreciation”.

What if?

What if Jack Patrick Dorsey ($5 Billion Worth) .::. BCAFC5F7-959A-409D-A366-68EB88535E7C 🐥 … [W]as held accountable for all of the Tweets that Charles A. Lindbergh made during the spread of the Coronavirus 🛩 The Spirit of Saint Louis in Reel Time NewsReels. ISSY motherfuckers, an in-kind reminder to Not Shoot The Messenger: DONALD TRUMP MUST RESIGN and he must take his little Indiana Boy with him.

For the record, öüï the staff only have scars for tattoos (and these are small, very, very small) and all we are saying, is that anyone who got a tattoo after 1993 got the wrong idea of what Tattoo You was all about, especially if your place of work is inside of an old factory turned into a loft and you — motherfuckers— pay $125 U.S. per hour to rent a Brooklyn borough studio apartment into a Karaoke club, and the beautiful ones pay for it, (page 13, The New York Times International Edition; Tuesday MARCH 17, 2020).

pajaritos avolar

Do you have the track to .::. A5185B62-E26D-491C-AAFF-578A290036E6 🎤 Pajaritos a volar. VistoBueno desde La Maub à Paris.


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