Oh, THE Humanity… let’s talk about the weather

… [A]nd BFM’er TV goes:

Dedicado a La Regla

Dedicado a La Regla, period .::. ISSY .::. DE0ABB60-7D63-4030-A8EE-29189213C517🥋Expand your Latitude — motherfuckers! period — as Always®️. COMING UP in the programming: The Cure (to kill an Arab) meets The Stranger

NonnonNo, no, no!

Breaking soon to be known news

Breaking soon–to–be known news .:. 41676935-67BB-47F1-93C4-4373410B9556 👶 In nine months the world will debate what to call the FACE of a Knew Generation. MATERNITY WARDS will be competing with COVID-19 beds.

Parlons d’Amour
AMLOve y Té de Tila!!!

Espejismo no more… Donald John Trump always knew D.A.T. Le Zimmer was ALWAYS®️ next to the Théâtre du Châtelet, where An American in Paris has been squatting the Place, ever since he (it’s a boy) tried to Talk about his « mexicanidad ». For the record, our usual sponsor, VANIA®️ is on lock-down (Nice) and so Always has become La Regle.

Dear, Senator Susan Collins (MAINE)

Dear, Senator Susan Collins (MAINE) .:. F972C93C-42D1-46EF-B698-BD8C2A1EB83A 🎀 Do you, madame, think that the Third Impeached President of The United States might find it in his GOOD CONSCIENCE, after the lessons that he learned from your VOTE to keep him in–office, to now DO THE RIGHT THING and resign?

March Madness Day 2  – The Hall* Pass

We [the staff, of this most NON–CONSEQUENTIAL blog] did not want to believe it Yesterday, but it appears that in order to roam the trash cans looking for food to eat, öüï the SDF’s (homeless en Inglés del bueno, y no chingaderas de La U.K.) must now show a Street Pass, printed from home, which —motherfuckers— as mentioned before, the French don’t have, in their “petit Robert”, we however, have a feeling that D.A.T. is about to change now that the FIFTH REPUBLIC has ordered all the the population to stay indoors. And to quote WHAT Gil Scott Heron once said: them D.A.R.E. rats have never looked so “consumable”, at least not since “the rat–on–a–stick” sold in South Korea outside of Camp Casey; and if you’ve ever been on a DMZ Zone, you will know what Eye, motherfuckers, is talking about.

We must protect the Norwegians in Liberia

We must protect the Norwegians in Liberia, QUICK! Get me the Airline CEO’s and Corporate Restauranteurs on the Line! — DEAR, Vice-president Joseph Biden: ACCORDING TO STEPHANIE RUHLE, the bail-outs to Wall Street and the airline industry were paid “with interest”, but the INTEREST was never on behalf of the working-class ZEROS. SENATOR BIDEN, what’s in your –motherfucking– WALLET‽ Eh?

In Rock Ridge News:

Season V; Episode V.
Everybody loves Jimi
Better Call Saul.

As the U.S. reaches the FOist 100 Corona’s* in the land of Mirages, District Attorney Hedy Hedley Lamar just gave away the REAL REASON why Donald John Trump wanted only Scandinavian immigrants to beef up the Census in them u.s., IT WAS TO BAIL–OUT THE Norwegian Cruise Ship Industry, which  brings US to another misrepresentation made by Joe Biden during the no–audience debate… can you guess what it is Cousin Joe, if not ask the little bird behind Gov. Hogan (Maryland) or, ASK the Steph and her take on the latest American bail–outs D.A.T. did not “trickle down” to the regular blokes and instead, floated like CACA for the CEO’s and CFO’s who ate all that SHIT UP like corrupt MEXICAN officials now living around the world.

* Corona’s are also the flower arrangements sent to funerals, —EWE Know— the ones that are circle shaped and usually sent from Business Folks who could not make it to the WAKE.

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