Todos tus muertos — Not to be outdone, The Ruhle goes full red–squares on a Green Day

Ode to Billy Joe and an American Idiot…
in Reggæ, Rocksteady, Ska and, other assorted grooves, in the Voice of Van Morrison, of course.

Meanwhile, in the race for the Democratic nomination, Maria Bartiromo nominates Stephanie Ruhle for Vice-president of the Biden tickers at Wall St.

Automatic for the pee-pole

Automatic for the pee-poles of Delaware.

… In other News, Steph’s favorite Mexican princess (please refer to the Tam Tam section of this most non consequential blog) made the front page of “The” International New York Times. Now, since jazz was put on hold we [the staff] take this opportunity to make [our] point, once again, that one cannot find his or her “Mexicanidad” in the FOcken Land of Aztlán, The Mexican Government will not allow it, period… unless Los Amigos de Mexico en Francia (the elite) approves it first through the Colegio de México or, El prestigioso “Tec de Monterrey”; now there are other institutions that can “approve” for someone to find his or her “Mexicanidad”, but that person first had to go through the channels at el CoNaCYT. After López Obrador became the president of Morena, ALL REQUESTS TO OBTAIN LA “mexicanidad” had to go through JOHN mill ACKERMAN’s wife desk, in Santa Barbara, California.

A virus you say

A virus you say? .:. D4584184-5F45-4A57-972B-0B20A99F7DC6 🃏 Cuéntame una de tlaxcaltecas y parientes del Rey de España. 🕵🏼‍♂️ Deer, Frank Figliuzzi, please don’t relate page Eight to Godwin’s Law, öüï repeat, don’t relate a pre-columbine (as in before Christopher COLUMBUS) bioweapon to a post-putsch genocide; not the same thing, but it did have the same devastating effect, a new world order.

Page Eight… La Hache Es Muda*

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