What changed, Joe? — Sen. Claire McCaskill for Vice-president

C’mon, Joe… it counts when IT IS UNPOPULAR; not after the NAILS are removed from the cross!

Tell me about Abortion for low income

Tell me about Abortion for low income women, and to follow up, what about when Women abuse the law to keep custody of a child? C’mon Joe‽ Tell you what Joe, an UNIVISION moment follows.

The system has come FULL CIRCLE on CAPITALISIM, Revolution is a new start, the system cannot be improved. All that we are saying is, scrap Special Interests from Delaware.

C’mon, Joe… Sponsored by Univision:

Don't be absurd CNN

Don’t be absurd CNN .:. FA889BAC-0090-4D35-8337-62531B691B97 —_•!•_— If China is Jack “the ripper”, then why did we agree to have them manufacture Walmart’s Christmas threes, eh?

And don’t get Mí started on CHINA and, FRACKING, you hypocrites. In the words of Major Tom: we’ve got Five Years.

La fuente para feministas domingueras
de CNN y Univision:
https ://mobile .twitter .com /luizork /status /1237888220773249031?s=20

Now watch the PeaCock gang keep pecking on the Fidel moment, without talking about the TIM APPLE rock and roll SUICIDES at FOXXCONN IN CHINA! — In SHYNA, Joe:

Lipstick is a mother...

Lipstick is a mother .:. 0FB90CE1-3C91-4E26-AE7C-DCD7C5CA6681 💄👄 Senator, McCass, Curly Heilemann is an expert on with make-up (because of The Circus) not because of the other Kicks that stayed in Vegas. C’mon Heilemann, help the good senator from MissOUrah with the lipstick; she might be the next VP… if Amy, doesn’t get in the güey, first.

But FOist: Deer, Agent Angle, do you know where your Chinese sources SLEEP TONIGHT?

And now, Unfair Airtime Exposure after the Democratic Debate; starring, Joe Biden cockblocking the moderators table and getting a little TOO CLOSE to agreed–upon, “Social Distancing”.

Senator Sanders has left the Building

Senator Sanders has left the Building, period .:. BAE214EE-8764-4DB6-ACF4-8E44A9C082DA ⚙️💁🏼‍♂️ Deer, Tapperson Cuojakemo, if you are going to set “the stage”, by first asking the « woman as a running mate », to ‘The Candidate’ with the prepared tweet ready to shoot; and then –motherfuckers– close the debate with an ambiguous visual where Saul Goodman in the role of Vice-president José Biden gets the “credit” for calling upon America’s clear and present “happy” danger, you should just call the election right now for Donald John Trump, —Again! Even if Eye votes for the same ol’thing (but in a Capitol One commercial).

Claire McCaskill for Vice President!!!
Since the U.S. decided to go for MIKE BLOOMBERG and give all of the former Woman candidates a ticket back to their fucking bedrooms… to rest! You dirty minded freaks, to rest, and then get back on the saddle to the Hill.

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