Joe Biden — Macho Man


C’mon, Reverend Al Sharpton, there is a black dude in the Supreme Court and he’s still a sonofabitch! Identity Politics is a lose–lose situation, when the time arrives to sit a replacement SCOTUS Justice, it should be by qualifications, not skin color… and, Prof. Eddie Gloude, Junior, you don’t speak for the Prof. West, heck, why not invite him to sit next to that AP dude to get his take on the “I’m gonna sit a black sista on the Bench”, unless it’s to replace Justice Thomas, now D.A.T., —motherfuckers— would be poetic, but Eye knows nothing about that.

C’Mon JOE! You just can‘t cookie cut a TV moment by first suggesting D.A.T.:

You needed to cockblock Senator Kamela Harris because she could not beat DT.

Dear, María Teresa Kumar, not only will Vice president Biden pick a Woman as a running-mate; Joe will also give a Barbie doll to every 7 year-old girl who cheers for him during the final stretch of the race.

For the record, María T., we [the staff] wanted this debate to be between Amy, Kamala, and Bernie.

C'mon Joe!

C’mon Joe! .:. D294D6C6-3490-4497-904F-6259CD1D8676 🇨🇴

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