Cero—cero–cero point Tú! — El mezquino de Trump is happy

Bring in the Coast Guard… scratch that, bring in  the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps it seems, and drop the federal interest (loan) rates down, because that’s what is going to solve the real problem of Floridians without an employer that can provide heath coverage and a living wage.

Doughnut is closer that it appears

Doughnut is closer that it appears .:. 9D340E90-69DE-4E3B-BDA2-212CA55399AB Knot 🍕

Walmart, in real time, will have toilette paper on stock, so, to all the good people of Santa Teresa and Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino, there is no need to leave the good people of Ciudad Juárez without TP for the bunghole, especially now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against South of The Border asylum seekers staying in the United States and, instead sending this peoples to Mexico; so, please listen to Walmart®️ and leave the Mexican toilette paper on Mexican shelfs, it’s bad enough that UTAH (HB19) is emptying the medicine stocks of Juarito’s, Tia Juana.

Good news for the Private Laboratory Industry. Thank’s to the incompetence of the Trump Administration, cronies and lobbyist will make a KILLING thanks to Donald Trump’s slow response to the the COVID-19 virus. Capitalism! It’s great when you are on the inside, and fuck the rest, just drop the Housing and Small Business loans and let them buy cakes to eat in their houses… and the GOOD commissioned people of the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps go: Tú–tuh-du Du–ruh Tú-tuh-du it was doughnuts, Hans Nichols, not CAKE, —motherfucker! Doughnuts*

* And by “not CAKE”, we [the staff] mean “not the Coast Guard”, Hans Nichols, —motherfucker. Öüï depend on an accurate forward-observer report, as we [the staff], do not always have visuals and depend on audio.

In no particular order:

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https ://www .usnews .com /news/best-states/articles /2018-11-01 /utah-insurance-company-is-paying-people-to-pick-up-their-prescriptions-in-mexico

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