“Are you not ENTERTAINED? — The Spaniard*

* Full Disclosure, not a Spaniard, actually an Aussi; ISSY, Australia is the enemy. AND MILWAUKEE, CARMEN IS A FUCKING COMEDY, ya’bums! Just like Life is. Aussi, what’s on Monday?

Responding To Coronavirus Closures, Metropolitan Opera And 92Y Livestream Performances Free, Starting Tonight .:. 95BF8130-44B1-4870-B73D-A88A33D7B303 Dear, Matteo Renzi… don’t bee stingy! Open Carmen to All!!! —•— Sincerely, Mayor Bill DeBlasio, best Mayor in the World, next To Hidalgo, in Paris.

Oh, hey A.M. Joy!
From the makers [the staff] of
Armando la noche, comes the show you’ve all been waiting for:
Early afternoons with Morning Mando.
Critics agree, It’s Like Suguar.
Good enough, to eat, said a Black Panther code name Chaka Kahn.

Meanwhile in Paris, all the shops (except for chain-food markets) are closed, the 15th day of March seems like New Year’s Day, with the exception that it’s a God Damned beautiful day and the crowds are all in the parks or along the River Seine. Eye tell you, be it the fucking Daesh/ISIS caliphate who dare threaten this hub, Parisians really-really REALLY love the Sun.  “Just the facts, Mme!”, because Eye is the King of Bongo, baby in Saint-Cloud 9.

Inner City Blues

Inner City Blues .:. 9EBB79DE-50B1-4627-8C85-AF1F7361181C 🌞 In French, of course.

A ver si así como se requeman, VOTAN!
Or will you filthy Frogs
play the rotten Rosbif Ballot
What’s it gonna’bee?
Find out tonight at 9
Only on:
Armando la noche

In the meantime Corona Fest (Vive Latino—muere abuelito) Mal Bicho! Followed by “Matador”. Vicentico invita.

Un hombre Al–Ado

Un hombre al lado .:. 054FC791-D49B-4F6E-9EB7-D96A59CDCBEE 🔥 … 🎶 extraña, La Tierra.

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