You Can Keep Your Hat On — to The Beat of “Blues for Gwen”

Previously on, “The Road to Selma leads to Joy”:

Still to come

Steel to come: Mugshot witt Joy… Dan is only a Nightstand Away.

… By the way, hoy no hubo Jazz, so we [the staff] switch it over to 43.9 in the Short_Wave onda de La Seine. 49.3, where local known news LIVE live.

Paris, France__ Following the mixed signals that the French César sent last week during last week’s cinéma awards, the Minister of Culture, Franck “hear–Mí–out” Rister extended an invitation to film director, Woody Allen, to come to France and publish his mémoire under the Actes Sud stamp of approval.

For parody purposes only:

Reached for comment, doña Vilma Fuentes said, « tudo bem, öüï like our Bossa con un poco de Forro », said the author of Las Crónicas de La Maub.

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