Pseudo (not fake) Gospel, witt A.M. Joy

Gooooooooooooooooooooood morning, A.M. Joy!

Antes y primero que nada, un beso, MUAAA!

Any güey, Morenaza, cheka—t’esto, maybe the Latin Ex crowd will capture the nuances of how The Guardian neatly categorizes the US (in Bold) and the rest of “the” Americas in a different dais, fair game for the NEWS, not so much for the Pulpit.

And please, Ari Melver, don’t credit D.A.T. Abrams fellow for our advocating of The Devil in the Houses of The Holy in Selma, Alabama, god forbids that we [the staff] look into under appreciated works of unpopular litigations, and then pretend to write about’em! So don’t go getting your Jakasdis in a Pixies n°7* moment, mr. Melber… it’s not as if öüï are advocating for that Machette… Hachette that just fell over Woody Allen or, other assorted New York ESTATES of Mind.

Deer, Ari

Deer, Ari… you missed it by a second; the cutoff was 49 seconds, not 48 .:. EC0E7B78-0E56-4067-A78E-F43601565DF5 🥈

* If MAN is 5
then the DEVIL is 6
and if Lucie is Six then,
you get the FOCKEN idea.

Eye guess what it is – what it is D.A.T. öüï are getting at, A.M. Joy, is at those Diego Luna “pucheros” eyes and pouting lips that you made during TRMS “slow it down, and tell Mí more” segment of the Peacock Super Tuesday coverage, are now part of or continuing SETs on Dangling Participles.

All öüï are saying, Morning Joy, is that to err is human, but to “petition the Lord with prayer” only works when that lord is the All Mighty Dollar, or Euro, or Yen, or Pound, or bonds.

Your criticism (with them Diego Luna pucheros eyes) of Senator Sanders for “skipping” the Sunday Bloody Sunday ceremony became off–key when you gave virtue (Inside the house of the Lord) to the same kinds of souls that would REJOICE with Joaquin Phoenix at The Coliseum throwing the “thumbs down” for the ‘poor’ bastard en El Ruedo, which at the Brown Church in Selma arrived in the form of a dais or, tarima, in SPANISH FLU* speak, and in the manifestation of one Michael BLOOMBERG who tamed a Chi–Raq Black Panther.

—on an aside Blue Note:

* Congratulations to The Producers of A.M. Joy for drawing the Cultural and Historical parallels between CARMEN, COVID19 and, The Spanish Flu, BUT SHAME ON YOU A.M. JOY, for thumbing the “Selma Five” and turning the Houses of The Holy into The House That Nero (rip–it up) burned… ISSY, Negrita, ZEPPELIN GOES HERE ↙️

Coming up

Coming Up: YOU CAN KEEP YOUR [hard] HAT ON .:. 37EE21F8-4EC5-4953-8BC5-5FF6C412B2D8  —_•|•_— LOVE 🎾 Starring: Stormy Daniels as “The First Lady” and Melania Trump as “Construction Boobies”… Baby, YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR HAT ON.

And on the Seventh Day, of the Third Month, God created Marvin Gaye.

https ://how-to .fandom .com /wiki /Convert_CD_Music_to_WMA _with _NERO_BURNING_ROM


2666: Desfronterizate, con CORONA®️ La Cerveza Especial de modelos.

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