25 de septiembre, 2020 — VOTE HIM OUT!

Hoy no hubo Joyce Vance.

Potus 45

Lorem Ipsum .:. F094888C-5529-4F68-B36D-14DBF9664266 🇺🇸 “There was a sound” or, in the words of the hypocrite-in-charge, “a sound was heard”.

Dear, Avi Velshi, this might sound callous to say, but could you please relay to the 3 lovely ladies in the frame D.A.T. :

Well you've her about La Môme

Well you’ve herd about La Môme .:. 94D79F43-D8BF-4867-89DD-149ECCD94443 .:. it’s Knot, one of those, this here Ladies in Gemini is « The Mommy! ».

that Kentucky dumped boyfriend is probably having a laugh at both the Law of the Land and the fact that Kentucky cops can’t shoot, or read a typecast address on a Rap-Sheet.

D.A.R.E. is something about 20

D.A.R.E. is something about the 20’s .:. 5958D548-0894-4E4C-8B85-B7B8C208E88A .:. Don’t know why, but the conversion rate of 20 Mexican Benitos transliterate on the Exchange Market as 20 Andrews, at least until Harriet is allowed to be on the American version of D.A.T. note.

issy–Avi Velshi, stranger things other than fiction have happened before in the past 1345 days since Trump was installed as America’s first dictator, why not this little twisted fact:

Loki is the god of mischief, according to Willie Geist and the good people at Buzzfeed.

And if you know who the son of the nepotist on the next monoaureo screen-grab is, then The Morning Joe brand, The Televisa Foundation, and even the good people of the Mexican Delegation at the Unesco in front of Napoleon’s Tomb, not to mention EVRYbody in on “the joke” will probably get your guest’s comment… NOICE*!!! Spoken¹ like a true ACAB side of the LAW prosecutor.

The wrap-around

Let’s wrap this “school-sized²” burrito to go .:. 9A9A728A-B630-4040-8AD1-26F4DC0D3962

Keep shooting the messenger MSNBC, “That’s the way you do, IT!, let me tell you, them guys ain’t dumb”, said Vladimir Putin’s favorite MTV plug³.


* Nice, as pronounced by Bugs Bunny… it’s a nice sound of Noice with the the third letter, o sea, la letra “sé” suena como la última letra… EWE Know, like noise.

1… Zhe gremlins knocked the crap out of Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo and our Deer Leader’s evil twin, Phil Griffin did not post the exchange between the great Avi Velshi (BALD POWER!!!) Ms. Pettypiece, Maya, y una tal de VANCE, so instead the reference will orbit around our space in the form of a paraphrase and a properly captured screen-grab with an “unsolicited comment », below ⤵️:

2. https ://www .msnbc .com /11th-hour /watch /school-bus-sized-asteroid-sails-past-earth-92513861516

3. Cocktail Friday, as heard on The Rachel Maddow Show… “Maybe Mark Knopfler can talk to Putin, for us,” or something like that.

You Can Keep Your Hat On — to The Beat of “Blues for Gwen”

Previously on, “The Road to Selma leads to Joy”:

Still to come

Steel to come: Mugshot witt Joy… Dan is only a Nightstand Away.

… By the way, hoy no hubo Jazz, so we [the staff] switch it over to 43.9 in the Short_Wave onda de La Seine. 49.3, where local known news LIVE live.

Paris, France__ Following the mixed signals that the French César sent last week during last week’s cinéma awards, the Minister of Culture, Franck “hear–Mí–out” Rister extended an invitation to film director, Woody Allen, to come to France and publish his mémoire under the Actes Sud stamp of approval.

For parody purposes only:

Reached for comment, doña Vilma Fuentes said, « tudo bem, öüï like our Bossa con un poco de Forro », said the author of Las Crónicas de La Maub.

Oh, hey Negrita! — Sen. Bernie Sanders actually walked the line

Since you insist on calling “attendance” on the Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2 riff) be advised that Bernie actually has the bruises from that era to send to the Class Master, and excuse himself from the ceremony, as opposed to Joe, who was making deals with segregationists.

Anygüey, 7 p.m. Joy, we the staff spotted Chris Matthews in his new role, the old Capitol Cop took a left in Albuquerque and ended up en–route to La Gare de Nord in Paris… Mr. Matthews lost some pounds and years in the tunnel, but he is still riffing on The Hardball “stick”; over at Blvd. Sebastopol, Chris was caught by our own shutterbug extraordinaire, “segoviaspixes”, about to go wild on a WASP nest.

… [Ö]üï will get back to that sting, and see who is the runner–up for the prestigious Cactus d’Or award in local motion news–reels, in the meantime let’s take a peek and smell what Philppe está Labrando for this weekend before we switch-blade it over to the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Ms. Addams, please leave little Thursday’s CHOO–CHOO TRAINS ALONE.

Previously on What's on Wednesday

Previously on What’s on Wednesday .:. AC76AFE3-CC48-4768-8B03-EE24FBF62A95 🚅🗺  From the Great State of “What’s in Your Wallet” Delaware, heeeeeeeere’s JOEY! An avid rail commuter and overall swell guy gets momentum from the “Bonne Nouvelles” Chappelles in OH–HI–OH_Clay Homa.

Meanwhile, over at the Empire State, and true to form, Andy Warhol just saved the Blow Job… wait, what, not la mamada; mas bien rescató a los mamados de Wall Street, what a Bull, market. Anybody up for Rocky Mountain Oysters enlatadas?