Dear, Philippe Labró, meet the Reverend Al Sharpton

Issy, mr. Labro you may call Marte in any language that you wish to call Mars in, you May call Mars Nikki, or Volta, including AUSSI: en la lengua de su chingada maternelle… pero no se lo vaya usted a decir a doña Vilma Fuentes, because she’s got Friends in High places. Eye guess what i is saying is that Frenchys are gonna French, so… have at it, Philippe, you crazy « américanologue », you.

Anygüey, mr. Labro have you met my Man at Politics Nation, the Reverend Al Sharpton? He happens to be an honorary Mexican on this here most non–consequential blog. With that out of the way, let u.s. gather here (Rue Bolivar^; antes Rue Puebla*) and —no pun intended— Bliss this Mess, AMen, CarMen.

^ p. 78, just Below Rue Bolero
* p. 605

Lorde, we ask that you allow, our Sista Maddow to invocate Between Two Ferns and that our Cus’, Rachel Glasses, is allowed to take the contenders out of the TRMS studio. A–men… Car–men.

With prayers out of the güey, mr. Labro, öüï call upon el Niño Luc’s Soul Brother and overall ‘ugly Mexican’, Samuel Stein, to read from the letters to the Marianne Faithfuls to reflect on the false equivalent of making parallels across imaginary lines (drawn on the sand), por ejemplo, Aunt Scarborough:

Dear, Rev

Dear, Rev .:. 7D79D777-27C3-4A5B-BFB2-233121E2634F ⛪️ Now we are not drawing parallels between kiddie porn peddlers like SAY, the good pastors at The Light of The World church in Jalisco, México, and any given Baptist congregation in say, SELMA, Alabama. 🕊 “All Öüï are sayin’,” is

Attention battlestations
Attention battlestations

Öüï the staff has identified the culprit in the “The” Biden rise, Güï repeats:

Dirty Cher

You’ve heard of “Dirty Diana”, it’s not one of D.O.S.

Öüï the staff has identified the culprit in the “The” Biden rise… it was the cher. D.A.T. D.A.R.E. bitch, wait scratch that! insert witch instead, first took care of “domingo” and then she went straight to Mardi like a Tree on Sonny.

Las rues:
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La Semana que Philippe Labro:
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Líneas para lelas:
https ://elpais .com /internacional /2019/05/28 /actualidad / López-Obrador-La-Luz-del-Mundo-y-la-agenda-evangélica.html

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