Dear, Joe Scarborough, how is Alabama different from firing squads?

Seriously, Cousin Joe, sorry to interrupt, but just before Chris Matthews went into that WasCali WAbbit’s hole in Cucamonga, the former CIA Spy … wait, no—scratch that with: “the” former Peace Corps benévolo in Africa, went ahead and put up a graphic with the total numbers (in souls) that Fidel dispatched from his Island (it was his, it was his Island because the U.S. Senate deemed it so).

In the System's DNA

RIDE THE LIGHTNING — Trapped in the Electric Chair, The Minutes Seem like Hours… it is In the System’s DNA .:. 1EC4665F-C3E2-461F-9B4E-5D5A626C735A 💺 Time for a different system.

How about, you (Cousin Joe) put a tally of just how many death row inmates have died in the past six months. Anygüey, Cousin Joe, you just can’t help it can you? —You just could not stand u.s. mentioning ‘about a girl’ on one of our postings from yesterday, could you?

Gonna buy me a Mercury

Gonna buy me a Mercury,,, and Eye will tell him to relay what Eye wants .:. 3577606F-B6DC-4170-A59C-2E68841D6616 🛴 And then Eye is going to buy a Cadillac (fire control system for an M1A1 MBT*), period… “Fuck this Infantry Kung–Fu”,  dijo Maya on couch arrest.

* MBT: main battle tank

But to have ‘that girl’ wear Black Mamba on the frame was just a bit overboard, why with Michigan being the State where The Lakers were born, what is Snoop Dogg going to say! Now —motherfucker— who is going to stop DAVID IKE from telling the Info Wars guy to RUSH over to Florida and relay to JIM, that there is a glitch in the program and that the Reptilians are out of the bag, ÖÜÏ repeat, THE REPTILIANS ARE OUT OF THE BAG (of Bloomberg’s Cold Hard Cash).

The Monarch Hotel & Casino

The Monarch Hotel & Casino .:. 0C4ADDAF-30AE-4D55-9816-E2FD388CA9AF ⚒🛠🚷

at 19h (timeStamp not available) The French discover that, Indeed, Jazz is is humid, establishing Aussi, that if it’s not humid, it’s Ray Conniff playing over the speakers of a Carrefour in Latin America.


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