Oh, hey Negrita! — Sen. Bernie Sanders actually walked the line

Since you insist on calling “attendance” on the Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2 riff) be advised that Bernie actually has the bruises from that era to send to the Class Master, and excuse himself from the ceremony, as opposed to Joe, who was making deals with segregationists.

Anygüey, 7 p.m. Joy, we the staff spotted Chris Matthews in his new role, the old Capitol Cop took a left in Albuquerque and ended up en–route to La Gare de Nord in Paris… Mr. Matthews lost some pounds and years in the tunnel, but he is still riffing on The Hardball “stick”; over at Blvd. Sebastopol, Chris was caught by our own shutterbug extraordinaire, “segoviaspixes”, about to go wild on a WASP nest.

… [Ö]üï will get back to that sting, and see who is the runner–up for the prestigious Cactus d’Or award in local motion news–reels, in the meantime let’s take a peek and smell what Philppe está Labrando for this weekend before we switch-blade it over to the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Ms. Addams, please leave little Thursday’s CHOO–CHOO TRAINS ALONE.

Previously on What's on Wednesday

Previously on What’s on Wednesday .:. AC76AFE3-CC48-4768-8B03-EE24FBF62A95 🚅🗺  From the Great State of “What’s in Your Wallet” Delaware, heeeeeeeere’s JOEY! An avid rail commuter and overall swell guy gets momentum from the “Bonne Nouvelles” Chappelles in OH–HI–OH_Clay Homa.

Meanwhile, over at the Empire State, and true to form, Andy Warhol just saved the Blow Job… wait, what, not la mamada; mas bien rescató a los mamados de Wall Street, what a Bull, market. Anybody up for Rocky Mountain Oysters enlatadas?


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