John Oliver is a foken Animal — Gonna miss you, Chris

Tuesday's gone — What's on Wednesday?

Tuesday’s gone — What’s on Wednesday? .:. F44CB403-C42E-4D6F-91A7-B2030C1D5A05 — The Addams Family.

Somehow, Steve Kornaki’s dark screen is not as much of a kick to rag (not troll) on… but Seriously, Michael Moore, who the Fuck drops on out off the Big Enchilada before the Qualifying Run, eh?

So, it's Established

So, it’s Established .:. E940E21E-42D4-4E0B-840F-94CE82B76A44 —_•!•_— Indeed, Kornacki, Indeed. Öüï got him.

Oh, The Humanity! — The Show Must Go On!
Fade to Black

Fade to Black .:. 923A3CB4-4810-438C-B014-2F76CD0A63A9 —_•!•_— to the tune of Roy Orbison in “newsreel” Time, and for The Archive, we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog, after playing devil’s advocate for the Blitzkrieg comment] had just TRANSLITERATED what öüï believe was is the Perfect Spanish call-sign for the Show: Vamo’ A Macanear; too bad that Phil Griffin never reads this 21st Century tribute to the “newsreel”. Matthews announced his retirement during Monday’s night’s* airing of his talk show, “Hardball.”

* Tuesday morning in Central Europe Time

Reached for comment, Mika Brzezinski said that she “tuned in every night only to hear the opening of the Chris Matthews Show,” Cousin Joe was not available, however, Willie Geist reflected on Steve Kornaki’s dark screen:

uh, funny how it didn’t come on, on such a momentous night.

Musical Guest:
The Lounge Newsreels featuring, En Dallas (voz) fuiste a dar.

Roy Orbison in real fip “Kitschy” time; Issy, the following must be presented in a Brian Williams “newsreel” spiel. Y no, Raquelito, we are not into crystal ball gazing, but there seems to be a neat time–projected and time-delayed triangulation in the TimeStamps, and as usual we do not select the songs that fit the newsreel tribute, we just play’em:

Just the fact's Kumar

Just the facts, Kumar .:. 0797E8F4-DCF9-42B7-B354-F17FC6514F8E 🗣 Just the facts.

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