narrative nonfiction – Celebrating coincidence

Here’s to those with an Alter-ego and with Amigos in Low places:

The Steph

The Steph is watching the markets .:. 87479FA3-CAAB-4E62-8139-77956AB46E14 🐮 Until the cows come home.

Issy, Cousin Joe, from the early days of AMERICANA we [the staff] have made it clear, crystal–clear, D.A.T. D.A.R.E is no such thing as Country Music, it’s only Bad Rock and Roll, which raises the 8 Second riddle in a 90210 accent to, “Watcha gonna do with a Cowboy”, who grew up donning the Paul Stanley star in his early guitar days.

…Oh, hey Hallie Jackson! Stop pushing PETE to CONCLUSIONS!

God of Thunder

God of Thunder, struck again .:. 8B80F722-B793-4BD3-AFA1-4232ECEA6180

Still to come, on This American Newsreel
it’s time for another Edition of:
Suspense and Drama by installments, with your host: Billy Ray Stedman

Blast from the Past

Blast from the past .:. 9091B8A5-A75C-4729-AAD0-7997E99C1C2A 💰Always look on the bright side of “La Bola”, porque no hay progreso que no traicione a una Revolución por un “Cañonazo” de $20,000 fierros… o cómo dicen los Talking Heads: Same As It Ever Güas.

But FOist! What Da’ Fuck is a “Latin Ex” and how will Super Tuesday pundits cope/deal with D.A.T. demoGrafix when the poles are talking?


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