It’s 10 hundred hours in Paname

Hi, purple pundits, in London it’s 9 a.m. and this a recap of yesterdays news:

The goodwill files

The goodwill files .:. D3C491C1-AF4E-44A6-A679-DFDC8FCA8314 🚶🏽‍♂️In South Carolina, Uncle Joe gets the support of an influential black man and John Heilemann straightened up his “chinos”, and if you know what a Mexican curl is, you’ll get the reference. NAMASTE.

En cartelera:

A French Apart production

… in collaboration with:

The Invisible Man


La Nueve de Tchad




CHUCKY My Frog… this is no time for Siesta.
Du fond du cœur,
Sergeant Gilberto Bosques Sadwing;
Chef de la section pénétrante à pied.
Pelotón Aquiles Serdán Saldivar


Madame Le Pen, Eye can assure you and the rest of the pure people (your people) of France D.A.T.:

Agua corriente

F l i e ß e n d w a s s e r or, EAU COURANTE… source, o como dice doña Vilma, “las fuentes” son del Direct•C+Plus•Matin, N° 2532 JEUDI 27 FÉVRIER 2020.

1. Youse all really really really need to test your theories abroad, you really really really need to expand your latitude (in the geographical way, not the physical kind) and test your theory, ask a fellow gala (o sea francesa) like say, Florence Cassez to see just how far the French will go in protecting their priorities, the French.

2. Nine Inch Nails (tourniquet)

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